Daily: 26th May 2011

26 May, 2011 at 00:49 (GMT+01:00)

By Maverick

It's Thursday but don't let that get you down because if there is a better Thursday on the calendar I'm yet to meet it. Yes it's Monaco weekend and that means the track action starts a whole day early. Yay for archaic motorsport traditions! It also means I can use the word Monégasque. Don't ask me why, I just like the word.

The Thursday start also means that the driver press conference was yesterday. Highlight for me was FIA interviewer, Bob Constanduros' question to Jenson Button: "Do you regard this as a home race?" Jenson Button: "I don’t live here..."

The sun is expected to be out in Monte Carlo with the only cloud on the horizon being the fresh asphalt on the entry to Ste. Devote. Will it stay in one piece or not? Follow free practice to find out. Meanwhile, here's a little quiz for you - if you don't know the answers to these you clearly haven't been spending enough time online yesterday.


Q1. This weekend is the Monaco Grand Prix but what should you expect?

A. Too much to fit here, that's for sure, so instead check out Sidepodcast's Race information and Viva F1's Preview


Q2. Is the Monaco Grand Prix worth watching?

A. Yes. According to one recent review, Lukeh had this to say: "Monaco baby, yeah!"


Q3. What other classic motor race is happening this weekend?

A. The Indianapolis 500. Check out The F1 and Motorsports Archive' overview of Bump Day and Post-Bump Day Bump Day and let Leigh know what you think of the driver shuffle


Q4. We haven't heard from Franck for a little while but he's got a new lady in his life. Who?

A. No, Not Christine. In fact he's had a daughter which came as a surprise to Christine - will this mean she's looking for a new blog idea?


Q5. Ferrari have been rearranging their staff but who do The Scuderia need to get back to winning ways?

A. Ross Brawn, obviously. Or at least someone of a similar ilk according to Professor Mark Jenkins, a man who also believes that Stefano Domenicali is not that person


Q6. Who invented the Gurney flap?

A. Edward F Zaparka, according to the patent office, but then the Dan Gurney story is so much more interesting


Q7. Red Bull are upset about somebody copying them this week. Who and what have they been copying?

A. Ferrari, and Red Bull think they've been copying their pitstop strategy. Considering what happened in Abu Dhabi, you have to wonder why they're so bothered though


If that's not enough Monégasque quizziness, here's 10 questions to test you

And if you still can't excited about a Thursday, there's always the French Open Tennis. Today sees Rafael Nadal, Kim Clijsters, Maria Sharapova, Robin Soderling and some guy called Andy Murray all in action at Roland Garros.

Sure, it's a Thursday but I promise you, it's going to be a good one.

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