Daily: 26th June 2011

26 June, 2011 at 01:47 (GMT+01:00)

By Lou

Hello everyone, I’m sorry for the delay of this post for which I blame Coldplay for. I’m going to have to get this out of the way now, but my goodness I’m one happy and proud Coldplay fan tonight. A perfect mix of old and new. There are no words. Anyway I wont go on about how much I love them for much longer. I do however want to mention that if you like coldplay too, you can buy their new EP on itunes now. Here is a link to the UK itunes for you.

Moving away from music (although please do check out Mr C’s Glastonbury thread for any music talk), lets talk about some Formula 1. Yesterday was of course the European Grand Prix qualifying, the results of which can be found here. I’m sure I’m not alone in hoping that the race is more exciting than qualifying was, but it’s okay because so far this season it has been! Have you got any predictions? Will we see another surprising and brilliant victory or will Vettel simply storm to the finish? Most importantly will we have more than 12 overtaking manoeuvres?

While we are on the subject, have you all entered the latest Go motorsport competition? Today you could win a visit to Williams HQ! Go on, what have you got to loose!

Another important link I must share is about a little sidepodmeetup that’s happening in London this week. Kai is coming all the way from the US to see us (and maybe a few motorsport things too), details can be found here. I do hope we’ll see you there!

Okay, lets move on to a few arty links;

• A lifesize cement VW Beetle has become the latest addition to a new underwater exhibition.. no I’m really not kidding Herbie has gone snorkelling!

• Summer is finally here! Lets celebrate while we can!

Who knew biology could be arty?

• Do you know what else is arty? The hand painted designs on their instruments, their awesome light show and of course the confetti, all of which were features in their amazing set last night! (apologies, I just needed to mention them on more time). You can read a review on their show if you’re wondering why I’ve been making such a big deal of this.

I think I may need to end this daily now, I can only imagine the Coldplay mentions would slowly take over! Enjoy the Formula 1 and Glastonbury action today everyone!

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