Daily: 26th February 2011

26 February, 2011 at 00:43 (GMT)

By Jeremy

Welcome to your Australian Saturday Daily. As an Apple fan, the first thing I have to mention is the release of new MacBook Pro models yesterday. There is much excitement about these new models at Sidepodcast headquarters because of the inclusion of a new technology called Thunderbolt. Remarkably similar to Thunderbirds (Are GO!), I am reliably informed that it has also quickly been accepted by non-computery type people here. I make no comment on the name as I was always taught that if you can't say anything nice…

I suggest reading the Wiki entry on Thunderbolt and if you still have questions, ask here in the comments as there are plenty of experts. I was informed many years ago that Apple commissioned Intel to create the technology, but I have no proof so lets just go with wikipedia on this one. Besides, who really cares? Yes, I am a nerd... :p

In real world terms, I am looking forward to being able to hook up two high resolution displays to a laptop but as with any new technology, it will take time for it to filter out into the marketplace and for peripherals to appear. I am officially excited!

There is an advert on Australian TV at the moment that mention the price of petrol in 1991 was 60 cents per litre. It currently sits at around $1.30 per litre in Sydney. How much was it in your part of the world at that time and how much is it now?

Money. It's not a comfortable subject for most of us. But thanking the good people at Sidepodcast? Easy. I'm going to give them some money. Maybe you should too? I am reminded of this awesome post from Janna last year. Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANNA!

Crashed Ice. What a name for a band! Oh, it's not a band, it's some kind of ice skating race thingy on in Moscow today. It's on at 3:45pm London time and you can look on Sidepodcast for people talking about it, or look at the Red Bull website.

The genius that is Lukeh strikes again.

I'll leave you today with one of Australia's (maybe even the whole world's) favourite songs by AC/DC. There are several youtube videos for you because I want a green Holden ute, and they explain how I was reminded of this (thunderbolt is similar to thunderstruck right?)

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