Daily: 26th December 2010

26 December, 2010 at 02:58 (GMT)

By Lou

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Hello everyone in the lovely Sidepodland. I hope you had the most fabulous Christmas day yesterday, what did you do? Many left overs? Tell us in the comments, we’re always interested to know! So today is Boxing day, the day we put things into boxes or something. The only thing I know that’s happening today is the cricket. So if you’re into cricket I suppose you may be watching that, but other than that maybe people have just planned a quiet day in? Or maybe you’re braving the shops for the traditional manic sales! – good luck if you are!

While we were all busy enjoying the festivities the work never stops here at Sidepodcast, both Mr and Mrs C spent the day working on this awesome site. Christine had a very productive day moving the Wiki to it’s brand new home. Thanks Christine! We even live commented the Christmas Doctor Who. The last day of the advent calendar went up yesterday too. Adam has also written a new post, something for us all to sit down and enjoy as we munch on our turkey sandwiches I’m sure. This time he looks back at the old F1 street track at Adelade, the track that first got him into F1. It’s a great read, something I’d recommend to you all.

It’s nearly the end of December, which means more and more round ups of different elements of the year are starting to pop up all around the web. Paul di Resta has written about how he feels his year has gone on his website. Plus Christine pointed out this great ‘2010 in film’ video, how many have you seen/can you identify? Speaking of year round ups, I couldn’t not mention the ridiculously hard annual Autosport quiz! http://www.autosport.com/christmas/quiz2010/ I managed a score of 15 in the F1 section, what did you get?

In actual news/gossip the daily mail (yes.. bare with me) have an interesting article about the continuing speculation surrounding the possible firing of the BBC’s lead commentator Legard, to be replaced by Brundle. Also seeing DC move from a pundit role. The article ponders the control Brundle appears to have in the BBC. Very interesting.

As Christmas was yesterday there are lots of lovely Christmas messages, comedian Russell Howard issued one for example.

However the most interesting ones for us at Sidepodcast are of course the various ways teams and drivers have wished us all well for the festive period. Pamela has been helping me track down those all important team messages for you. Mclaren have a message from both their drivers on their site, they have even have an interesting photoshoped picture of them at the top too! Can you spot the missing shadows? It’s a lovely gesture though, and very fan friendly. Thanks Mclaren!

Mark Webber also issued a video to his fans which includes, a donkey, lots of snow, some llamas and a chicken! What more could you ask for at Christmas?

Red Bull even issued a Christmas statement.

Mark Hendy on twitter has been posting some awesome pictures of various team Christmas cards too. Virgin, Sauber, and Force India all have great ones! Although a personal favourite is one @tabathavalls received. It’s lovely that people show us these card designs, It’s nice to see F1 teams can be festive too!

Podcast of the week

I had originally decided I would feature the ever fantastic Sidepodcast Alternative messages as my podcasts of the week when I started planning each week’s, but then I had a last minute change of heart.

Christine has given up so much of her time to a very special project over the last few days. She’s put so much effort into editing together a megamix of voicemails sent in by all of you wonderful people and it seemed wrong to just mention it in the daily. It needed to be featured, so everyone who has listened to it can listen again, and all those who haven’t can remember to do so. It’s fabulous and we really should send many hugs and thanks to Christine for putting in so much effort. Thank you Christine!

F1 debrief – 2010 season review megamix

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