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26 August, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Lukeh

Sidepodcast F1: How can this possibly be a year ago already?

Credit: Rubbergoat/Gavin Brown

How can this possibly be a year ago already?

Hello once again! My appearance writing this daily must been it’s Friday once again, and you’d be right to think that. Today is most exciting though, because as I’m sure you’re aware Formula 1 is back following the summer break! Woohoo! But there’s so much happening this weekend I may just explode and not survive – I mean, we’re back at Spa, Doctor Who returns tomorrow night, the race on Sunday as well as Man Utd vs Arsenal, and then Muse are on BBC3 live Sunday night, and then a Bank Holiday to round it all off Monday on which the US Open starts too! There are no words to describe how awesome the next few days are going to be and beyond. For now, let’s make today just as awesome.

Paddock News

Bruno’s Back, Baby! - Whilst I do feel very happy to see Bruno getting a go in the Renault, you can’t help but feel sorry for Nick Heidfeld for being shafted out of his drive for Renault. Poor guy. It seems he’s taking Renault to court over this and going down the legal route , so there’s our court event of the F1 year all sealed up. But hey, at least Bruno might have a chance in a car that isn’t going to just fall away at the back of the grid! I say that now...

Twenty Years of Darth - Can you really believe Schumacher has been around 20 years? In theory, that means he’s been in F1 longer than Rubens and yet Rubens easily beats him on race starts so nyeh! He finally wins something! But it’s still a fair accomplishment so congratulations to Michael on his 20 year reign, even if he is a shadow of his former self at the moment and annoyingly likeable at times these days (I’m looking at you Canada gridwalk!). Of course, one Hungary ’10 moment could ruin all that...! I do very much recommend reading the VivaF1 look at Schumacher’s entry into the sport though. Good bit of writing from Mav, and a nice link to the Senna/Nick affair.


A Successor to the Successful? - An interesting little post popped up here on this wonderful site in which Christine pondered just who the successor could possibly be for Bernie when he eventually steps down in the next 5 millennia. There’s a few interesting possibilities in there as to who could step into those very, very rich shoes. Me? Oh I think it’ll be Brian Blessed. Why not? Yeah, exactly. But as well as that, Bridget has absolutely treated us all with a fabulous mid-season review looking at results, retirements and lots more in lots of pretty graphs too. Awesome bit of effort worth reading! Who knew Crofty was wrong all along, eh? And as well as that, as if you weren't being treated enough, why not take a read of Gavin's proposal of coming to say hello to both himself and his lovely wife for the Japanese GP weekend over in Copenhagen?

Origin of Awesomeness - As I previously mentioned, one of the big things I’m really really looking forward to this weekend is Muse headlining the Reading Festival on Sunday night, live on BBC3. Dom and Chris found themselves this past week on the Steve Lamacq show hyping the gig up and everything. Normally it’s just awesome enough they’re on TV but this is a very special gig – as Muse will be performing the entirety of their second album Origin of Symmetry, playing many songs they haven’t played in 4 or 5 years, some songs 7 or 8 years. It should be quite something, seeing as Muse seem to be allergic to playing some of their older stuff most of the time, and as you can imagine I am really quite excited!! Eeee!!

Posters from the Past of the Future - These type of things I find absolutely awesome. Don’t you just find that whole retro poster, rough look type of thing incredibly cool? These are some alternative posters with a really nice retro taste to them for various famous films and when I saw them I just had to share. You can even get prints of them and everything. Tempting... oh so tempting. I think my favourite one is for Moon.

And Finally

Some itty bitty little things to send you out on...

Phew, hope that keeps you nice and entertained. It was on this weekend last year many of us commenters found ourselves heading to the Spa Francorchamps circuit in Belgium for an absolutely fabulous weekend away at the F1. I do wish we could be there again, many happy memories. For now though, I’ll simply bid you farewell and see you in the comments!

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