Daily: 26th April 2011

26 April, 2011 at 07:01 (GMT+01:00)

By amandoloss

*eating chocolate* Long weekends are still way too short, aren't they? Did you have nice Easter? Lots of free time in the sun of in front of the telly? Lovely! Even though I had to work yesterday I had lovely three days off. Sure I can tell what I was doing, ta for asking. :-)

Well, on Thursday I went to cinema with a friend of mine and mostly we were enjoying the thoughts of the long evening ahead of us since the next day was off work. We planned to watch "The Fighter", but as we arrived the cinema we noticed a poster of this movie and so "The Fighter" lost this battle. It was a good choice. What an incredibly, incredibly sad story!!! And before you ask: yes we cried. A lot. I highly recommend this movie. It’s not only for girls, in case you wonder.

Good Friday. Yes. Long sleep. Ahhh, yes. Lovely. I spent the day reading a book about rowing brothers, recommended by Christine (thank you for that) and I would like to recommend it further, in case you haven't read it yet. Not only a nail-biting drama for sports fans, "Blood over Water" also looks at the darker side of sibling rivalry and asks just what you would be willing to sacrifice to achieve your dreams. And what an insight into rowing!!! This boys are heroes. Who said rowing was boring? Not me.

Saturday was Super Sport Saturday. I had training in the morning and in the afternoon there was time to watch others sweat. Telly on, legs up, it's footie time. :-) Fernando Torres might have scored his first goal for Chelsea, but seriously, who cares? We played Birmingham and ...5:0 baby!!! For me it was a MAXImum delight. :-) Find more results here. And in Spain there was loads of goals too!

Sunday. Hmmm ... it was times for some tennis. Rafi Nadal and David Ferrer faced each other (again) in a final of Barcelona Open. Rafi won his 6th title. Lovely.

On Sunday I managed to read a whole book at one go. I haven't been able to enjoy a book that way for ... well, for quite a long time. It was good book though.

On Monday I had to go back to watching sports for money, however I made myself a nice morning with a high interesting book (and chocolate) about the history of the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race. Once again: who said rowing was boring? Did you know that in 1929 when the first boat race took place the crew lived chiefly on beef? They weren't allowed to eat fruit or potatoes or stuff like that. No smoothies, and yoghurts and ... chocolate. Haha Very interesting.

Well and that was it, my sporty Easter weekend.

This week is the Champions League week again and the third Clasico in a row (tomorrow night). I hope Sergio Ramos won't mess it up this time ... Though far more important than the Clasico is today's match: Schalke 04 vs. Manchester United. Normally I don't read Rafael Honigstein's stuff, but this time ... I made a sacrifice. An act of desperation? Very much so. Schalke are my last hope. You better be right, Honeystone!

Lots about me today, ay? :-) Since it's my birthday I believe I am allowed to be selfish for one day.

Don't miss the Tweets of the Week and have a great Tuesday. :-)

Ta ta!

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