Daily: 26th April 2010

26 April, 2010 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)


I liked Sunday. Not only did I keep my first clean sheet in three years, but we were treated to an absolute cracker of a Giggles Radio show. The theme was the letter 'M', and all I'll say there were some brilliant songs that were played in the 2 hour 40 minute show. (You have that time in the day, I know you do.)

But, before we get into those highly important links, I have an apology. Last week, I missed the sidepodanniversary of the fantastic Alianora. I would like to point out that the wiki is a fantastic place, and I may have forgot about it. So, today, April 26th, Happy Sidepodanniversary to the brilliant Jon Waldock.

Onto those bullet points.

  • Lukeh has continued his posts on the upcoming F1 game. This time he is focusing on the latest Developer Diary and a few twitter accounts, one of the guys working on the game Spurs, so there will be an extra bit of awesomeness in the game...
  • I'd love to point you all out Sebastian's blog which seems to have been overlooked. Part of his work includes looking how the championship would look like under old points systems. It is interesting to see how the new system gives the consistent drivers a good chance, Nico Rosberg being a great example of that. There's is also a lot of interesting stuff regarding F1 on there, so do check it out!
  • Something not exactly F1 now. Yesterday was supposed to be the MotoGP in Montegi, Japan. However, due to that pesky volcano in Iceland, it was cancelled. So, as lou pointed out, a TwitGP was created, with former MotoGP host Suzi Perry a firm supporter (as was one of my fellow northerners, Ross Noble). The race was ran yesterday, and you can find out what happened on the website, or look back at the tweets. It was an experience...

I'll leave you with those for this week. Also a happy birthday to Jose Maria Lopez, who turns 27 today. He was signed to drive for USF1, but is now racing in the Argentine TC 2000 Championship, which seems to be the Argentine equivalent to the BTCC, quite a lot of difference to F1. And do check out the latest Aside With Joe, which was released on Sunday morning.

Have a nice Monday (unless the aliens kill us all first).

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