Daily: 25th November 2009

25 November, 2009 at 00:01 (GMT)

By Christine Blachford

Apparently, according to Wikipedia, there was a great storm on this day in 1703. It was called the Great Storm of 1703. Catchy. The wind got up to 120mph and thousands of people died. I don't think things are that bad yet, but I would certainly suggest the weather is commemorating this day in a similar fashion. Meanwhile, on to the F1 news:

  • Two more teams confirmed their young drivers for the upcoming test at Jerez. I mentioned them all in yesterday's F1 Minute and we even feature one of the youngsters on the Big Picture. BMW are doing the very honourable thing and giving their Formula BMW winners a chance in the F1 car, even though they don't know what the future holds. Very good stuff from Mr Theissen.
  • Talking of F1 Minute, I noticed that around about this time last year we were all discussing the fallout from Mark Webber's accident. As Steven said in the comments yesterday, it doesn't seem that long ago. Who would have thought that you could fast forward nine months or so and find the man fighting for the world championship?
  • In completely unrelated news, there's talk that Canada has secured it's place back on the calendar now with plans on the table to raise the funding required to host the event. The immediate reaction is one of joy, but Mr C is a little concerned about how they are going to raise the taxes in the space of one weekend. It does seem like a tall ask, but I'm sure they have contingency plans in place. Right?

That will be all for now. We are halfway through the week, and I've just noticed that it's only a month until Christmas. Bad times indeed! Nevertheless, I'll see you in the comments.

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