Daily: 25th November 2008

25 November, 2008 at 00:23 (GMT)

By Mr C.

So here's a unique problem. A very tired Christine went to bed early this evening and she doesn't appear to have written a daily post. The stroke of midnight just passed and I patiently waited for the Sidepodcast Updates system to inform me there's new stuff to read, yet nothing happened. No post, no ping, no nothing.

I am of course assuming that she has forgotten, rather than deciding to drop the feature altogether. However, given the choice between waking her and getting into heaps of trouble, and writing a post that potentially gets me into heaps of trouble, I'm pitching for the latter.

It should also be noted that the girl usually proof-reads anything I write before publishing, so if you spot any grammatical errors please holler.

A couple of topics to get the ball rolling then:

  • Thoughts on the newly announced BBC commentary team - the new, the notable and the annoyingly good looking.
  • Blundell-isms - now he's consigned to his own company on a Sunday afternoon, we have to ask... how did that man ever get a job presenting?
  • More space - are they still up there and what do you think they can see that begins with 'c'?
  • Where do you stand - live thing or doohickey?

Hopefully that'll keep you ticking over until sleeping beauty awakes.

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