Daily: 25th May 2011

25 May, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Gavin Brown

Sidepodcast F1: Frederiksborg Slot - a lovely day out :)

Credit: Gavin Brown

Frederiksborg Slot - a lovely day out :)

Hey guys – hope your week is going well.  Happy birthday yesterday to Ivan Capelli and while we are on that subject, Congratulations to Sidepodcast for reaching ONE MILLION COMMENTS! That is an awesome achievement! And Happy Towel Day, everyone!

There’s only 1 more day until the action at the next Grand Prix begins, as Monaco always has Free Practice on a Thursday.  Joe is driving down with DT, Mercedes and Ferrari are rushing to get everything there on time (and to restructure the team).  BadgerGP have a list of their Top 5 Monaco Grands Prix – some classic races in there too.  Viva F1 have a great preview while  Renault think they have a great chance of winning, and you can read a great interview with their drivers here along with some amusing cartoons from Spain

However, it looks like there was a bit of a fire at Ste. Devote – a truck was burnt to pieces which apparently damaged the asphalt.  I wonder how that will affect the race this weekend?

If you can’t drive the track in real life, why not check out this amazing slot car replica of Monaco?  That’s much better than the Scalextric I used to have when I was a kid…

Mark Hughes, has an analysis of the differences in pace between Red Bull and McLaren.  But to be honest, he doesn’t really come to any meaningful conclusions.  What do you think makes the Red Bull so fast?

Jarno Trulli became the most overtaken driver during their career in Spain – 270 times!  Yay for the Trulli Train!

The FIA have decided (in a knee jerk reaction after the disbelief in the way the stewards handled the Spanish Grand Prix) to implement a sort of “Three Strikes” rule towards reprimands.  Quite.  DI Blundell wasn't too chatty after the race, probably for good reason ;)

Here’s some great photos of design details from the Cahier Archive.  Unlike some other sites, who are using photos without permission…

Ever wondered what a Le Mans driver has to endure?  Maybe Allan McNish can help explain it to you?  And if you haven’t seen it yet, you MUST see Truth in 24

Christine has posted her Team and Driver Rankings – lots of good links to check out and some great points allocations there!  She’s also posted the next link in her A-Z Adventure and 30 Day song challenge too.

How is your running going?  Amy had a great run the other day, and Christine is doing really well with her training.  I ran intervals the other day because I want to run a sub 30 minute 5km race at the end of the year, and I plan to run around the turtle with my buddy today.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

Lukeh has explained the sketching process behind his brilliant Bay Church sketch – some great tips in there too!  Bassano found some creepy pics of old cisterns – they look very brightly lit up though?  A Lego A Day has a great pic of a Star Wars Rock Band, while The Big Picture has a set on Iceland’s latest attempt to mess up the rest of Europe.  Kathi, I hope you and the lambs are ok!

Some sad news.  Denmark has banned Marmite!  Not that I care much for the stuff, but the shop quoted in the article is a Mecca for all foods British and I’ve become a bit of a regular there ;)

Finally, I’ve been taking a few pics lately – the one embedded in the post is from a trip to a lovely castle called Frederiksborg, and I also ran into some Classic Race Cars in the middle of town the other day.

Enjoy your day, keep smiling and see you in the comments!

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