Daily: 25th March 2011

25 March, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT)

By Lukeh

Sidepodcast F1: We all know what's more important today

Credit: Lukeh

We all know what's more important today

ITTT'SSS CCHHHRRIIISSTTMMAAASSS!!! Well, kind of. It may be the 25th but it is like Christmas because, yes, finally, today, Formula 1 is BACK!! It's that fabulous of having cars back out on track, hearing their engines soar through tracks at a ridiculous speed and just the tingle of seeing them and hearing them and everything. Ohh, we've waited but today at 1:30am GMT and 5:30am GMT Free Practise 1 and 2 occur. YAY!! You can find out much more from the Sidepodcast Race Information thread (it's even good to see that back!). Ohh I've missed F1, I really, really have. Tonight I've had rhubarb crumble and allsorts and now F1 is back. Flipping marvellous. There's so much to talk about as well! It's going to be a bumper daily this week...

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Paddock News

The King's Speech - I'm not the biggest fan of Sebastian Vettel by any means but this is fabulous motivation to win at Australia. Does he want to win just for the sake of it? No. OK then, for the money right? No, it's not that. You see, Vettel wants to win at Australia not only for points but for the fact their trophy has a kangaroo in it. Fair enough before he could have got a Kangaroo TV but now even that is extinct, so a kangaroo trophy it is. Hurrah!

I Offered Him a Piggyback Ride - Poor, poor Rubens. Our lovable Brazilian hero was stuck in Argentina this week trying to get to Australia but now he is there and he is a bit of a happy chappy to have finally reached our Antipodean friends down under. I mean, it isn't an F1 season without our Rubens is it? You must remember he is immortal after all and will never retire. Yep, that's definite that. *nods to self*

You can't order Jenson around - It's been a bit of a dodgy winter for the king of F1 stubbles, Jenson Button, but he's still super happy and positive about the new season. Most importantly he's excited just like the rest of it. Here in this video though (UK only sadly guys) Jenson goes into detail about how he disapproves of the team orders decision to make them more acceptable in the sport. Damn right too! Jenson knows what's right. Funnily enough, Anando thinks completely differently...

A Red Bull Design For Life - Interesting little story this of Ferrari wanting a certain Newey of the Adrian variety but obviously not getting what they want, like a hungry hippo stalking hippo food on a conveyor belt. Yes, you see Ferrari were intruiged but Adrian is loving the wings he has at Red Bull that they've given him and he has no desire to move. In fact, Ferrari, I once made a mean car that the presenters on Blue Peter made with paper mache so just let me know your offer and I'll Rob-fully accept.

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I'm not Losing, the game is broke - Codemasters have began the giant lead up to the next Formula 1 game (F1 2011, shocking surprise!) by revealing just a few details such as the release date - September 23rd! Hurrah! Earlier than I expected in all honesty. They're also running a Facebook competition where you can record a question for the guys and may end up going to the studios to try the game out in May. I've decided to include a question I reeeeeeeeeeeeallllyyy want answered myself!

Serving Justice like a plate of F1 pasta - Yesterday the F1 fandom was rocked to it's core by some shocking actions courtesy of the Australian GP's twitter account offering a prize, which amy won, and then changing it's mind. It was pretty shocking times but this fabulous community of Formula 1 fans across various social medias came together and stood tall to gain justice and both Team Lotus and the Australian GP twitter have since contacted Amy to try and work something out for her. Hurrah!!! All good stories have a happy end and I think Ms Amy will have something very nice waiting for her for the race me thinks.

Learning about the Flappy Dappys - Now if there's one thing I don't get it's crazy rules. No, I am not a rebel without a cause or raging against the machine, I am just easily confused. That's why the new flappy dappy rear wing rules make my mind melt into a chicken soup but luckily for us, the fabulous Chainbear has put together a ridiculously endearing video explaining the rules in a much easier and funnier way that anyone has yet to do. It actually kind of makes sense now thanks to this video! Still looks like it's waving though. *waves back*

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Schubetter be having a laugh at that price - So i'm sitting here thinking to myself, gosh, I really want a Formula 1 helmet. In fact, it's my destiny to own one. To be in the helmet and at one with the thoughts of a driver. Yes, yes I must have one! And it must be a Schubert one! Now I really want one! So you go online and you find this beautiful piece of kit, it's available to buy! Fantas-FIVE THOUSAND EUROS?! I'll stick to a Rubens cap cheers.

Parallel Parking's Never Been so Bad - This makes me laugh so much and it's a fabulous collection of dodgy pit stops from WTF1. The top 10 nightmare pit stops! From the most famous to the probably forgotten there's some absolutely brilliant moments as well as some rather scary ones too. Mazzacane's Minardi pit stop is absolutely bizarre as he seemingly forgets what the term 'brake' means but my absolute favourite is Estaban Tuero's pitstop in Argentina. I won't even spoil it, it's so pathetically hilarious. Go and watch them now!

Reviewing previous to preview later reviews - The master of the numbers and the leader of the graphs, Mr Rubbergoat Gavin Brown, has given up a bit of insight into what we is expecting and thinking about with the new season on our doorstep so suddenly as well as letting us know what he'll be up to blog-wise in the next year or so. Really do miss his fuel graphs and adjusted grid analysis though! As well as this we have a season preview from Mr RG who's provided us with an insight into what he's hoping 2011 will bring for Mr Kamikaze himself, Kamui Kobayashi. So much to read today!

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And Finally...

Your Platformer is in another Castle - I noticed this a few days ago and Mr C reminded me yesterday and it was just too good to ignore because it is, quite frankly, utter genius. Some smart genius, of Jenson levels of geniusity, has made the Super Mario bros Level 1-1 but in first person from Mario himself and it just is absolutely brilliantly made! Just so accurate and it looks really great too. Loving the little in game achievements as well, such attention to detail!

To head out this huge bumper daily from me, I just had to share this absolutely heart-warming beautiful cover I found on Youtube this week. It's a cover of a song I only heard last weekend in fact, Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, with that original being such a lovely song I immediately found myself loving but this cover will make even the coldest of hearts melt. I really hope you enjoy it as much I do, go 'daaawwwwwwww' many times too and find yourself whistling as we wait for Formula 1. WOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!

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