Daily: 25th March 2009

25 March, 2009 at 00:01 (GMT)

By Christine Blachford

In an attempt to distract from the potential diffuser row that could ruin all semblance of racing in Australia, it's time for a daily post that is all about the shameless plug.

  • The 2009 montage that was played during Episode 97 is now available all by itself. I really enjoyed making the six minutes of montage in the first place, and I've listened to it about ten times without getting bored. Everyone who voicemailed should give themselves a pat on the back.
  • We've decided that this particular off-season was the best ever. Now that it's over we can look back with fond (and not so fond) memories of the fun and games we have had since Brazil 2008. I know everyone is getting antsy for the racing to begin, but it is worth it to take a moment and think that the winter has gone amazingly quickly. Remember when we sat back and realised there were months ahead of us? Now they are all past.
  • The penultimate episode of the F1 Digest 2009 Season Preview series is available now, taking a whistle stop tour through the calendar. Let us know which events you are looking forward to, and which ones you are dreading. I think I can probably guess a couple that fall into that category.

That'll do it for now. Feel free to talk about things that aren't shameless self-promotion for Sidepodcast, maybe even self-promote your own season preview wares. Either way, as we countdown another day to Friday, I'll see you in the comments.

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