Daily: 25th February 2011

25 February, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT)

By Lukeh

Good morning, afternoon, evening and night and welcome to another Friday. It's been another odd week and it seems only fair that we go into the weekend with one last day, right? Well I'll help your day be a little bit better if I can because I've got plenty to share out today. First off, although he'll never see this yesterday Rubens celebrated his 14th wedding anniversary with his wife Silvana, congratulations to them! Fabulous achievement with hopefully many more anniversary's for them.

Paddock News

It's Like being a 90's Kid Again - Despite their really lovely testing livery of navy with a mix of navy in there too just to give it that navy look, Williams have finally unveiled their 2011 livery and I really like it. Really, really like it. for me it's a really nice mix of their modern look with the Rothmans' livery of old from the 90's that was very awesome. Does that mean we have 3 tobacco-related looks with teams now? Williams with their rothman's-alike, Lotus and the red bits/JPS disaster and Ferrari's utteely blatently Marlboro logo. Rules are a funny old thing! We've been talking about the launch here so if you fancy letting Sidepodcast know your thoughts on the new look comments are always welcome.

Bernie, Give me Style and give me grace, Bernie put a smile upon my face - As with most things in life I like to try and stay positive about things and Formula 1 is most certainly no exception. So just like in 2010 I thought I'd do my best to try and incite some positivity in the Formula 1 online community with you lovely people and try and help remember why we all love this sport and get you excited for the season ahead! Hopefully it works. Coz if it didn't I'll be sa... happy. I'll be happy if it doesn't work. Coz it's positive, like. Not sure how that works. Also my favourite side of a magnet is the positive side.


Once Upon a Time there was a genius called Will Wright... - Here's an interesting little article courtesy of Kotaku I found earlier this week. If you don't know of Will Wright, he is the man behind such genius as The Sims and Sim City, he's the chap who created Maxis. Nevertheless, he feels that videogames aren't the correct format to include story telling on in the same way movies do. What do we reckon, gang? I'm in agreement with the article writer here responding in disagreeing with his sentiments because a game can easily provoke the same emotions you find in a movie - Metal Gear Solid is a prime example of this in fact; even in The Sims you can find yourself having your own story to work with. Interetsing thoughts though.

What's on Your Shelf? - Earlier this week I discovered Shelfari, an online book shelf of everything you've read, want to read, want to buy, etc and I've found it a fantastic little resource in keeping myself up to date in what I want to read and what I've read in the past. As much as I love reading I'm always challenging myself to find new books to read but this resource is wonderful for finding new stuff and discussing some of your favourite books. You can find my profile on Shelfari here if you want to see how it works perhaps and I hope you become a friend on there soon! Plus I like the name.

A Whole Whoniverse in your very hands! - Hmmmmmm. Not sure about this one. In fact when reading this article I had this face the entire time. It looks like a free-to-play Doctor Who MMO is coming soon - MMO standing for massively multiplayer online - where I guess you will be able to explore the universe of Doctor Who and fight stuff off and do quests and stuff. The most famous example of an MMO is World of Warcraft and I'm not a big fan of this type of game, but it's Doctor Who so 'who' knows? I'm sure it will have better jokes than that.

And Finally

I'm going to close this week's daily with a personal favourite again in terms of a music performance. I know I tend not to shut up about Muse sometimes but I've tried not to bring them up as I know I never shut up about them. Nevertheless, I just wanted to share my absolute favourite performance from the band of my favourite Muse song, Fury. It's an incredible powerful, very bass-driven song that never actually appeared on any Muse albums outside of Japan (Bonus track for Absolution) but it's still such a good song and I love it to death. As for the performance, well, immaculate as ever. Plus you get to see Chris headbanging which is worth it in itself. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Have a good Friday, I'll see you next week.

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