Daily: 25th August 2011

25 August, 2011 at 00:02 (GMT+01:00)

By Pat W

Astonisingly it is a full year since the Sidepodtrip to the Belgian Grand Prix. A year ago, the Thursday of race weekend, we were on our road trip across Belgium towards Spa-Francorchamps. It doesn't seem possible that something so fresh in the mind can be so distant so soon. Clearly further events like this need to be organised.

Lukeh has been doing some drawing of the view from our grandstand, and a good job he's done too. Mr C has been doing some drawing of a very different kind, and a good job he's done too. Shiny.

Mav has written about Jerome d'Ambrosio, and is that a swish new inline quote box I see?

One of my favourite blogs has a guest post railing against some of the negativity sweeping across the racing blogosphere, particularly the IndyCar segment of it, some of whom do nothing but rant. It needed saying. (A rare non-sweary post for that blog ;).

Be sure to get your Belgian GP race info from Sidepodcast, with track notes and a preview from VivaF1.

Changing Careers?

Kimi Raikkonen, seemingly bored with WRC and NASCAR, tested a Peugeot 908 LMP1 car at Motorland Aragon (photo). This was a nice bit of PR for Peugeot, and he says he's keen so maybe something will come of it. I hope it does but I wonder if he has the patience for it.

Danica Patrick, seemingly bored with IndyCar (or the lack of marketability of IndyCar?), is finally at long last holding press conference at 5pm UK time to announce her plans for next year. It has been an open secret for months that she is going to NASCAR full-time in 2012, so much so that many are fed up with it already. But if you aren't, live streaming of the announcement will be here. Will she still come back for the Indy 500?

Willy T. Ribbs, the first African-American to start the Indy 500 and who was last seen racing in the 1990s, is making a comeback! He's 56 years old, that's even older than Schumi. He'll be racing in Indy Lights in Baltimore with a team he started, a good way to get publicity for it, I reckon.

We talked about this the other day, but DC has become a great ambassador for F1. Here is a video of his drive on the yet-to-be-tarmaced Austin GP track! And a nice little interview too. I'm sure a properly-edited version will appear at some stage.

Racing This Weekend

Here are the races going on this weekend.

  • F1 Spa
  • GP2 Spa
  • MotoGP Indianapolis
  • IndyCar Sears Point
  • NASCAR Bristol
  • F2 Spielberg

Ex-F1 and GP2 man Giorgio Pantano makes a guest-start in the IndyCar race, sitting in for Justin Wilson, and was 4th fastest in testing the other day. Perhaps he really is underrated after all.

A busy weekend, don't get square eyes now will you.

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