Daily: 25th April 2011

25 April, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Jordan F1

Monday, April 25th 2011

Volume 1, Issue 2

Price: 1 Christine, 75 Mr. C(ents)

Outside Rockall: 2 Christines, 25 Mr C(ents)

Panda Propaganda

"Because you can not have propaganda without a Panda hidden in it."

Editorial Page

Oh, darn, Saturday Night here in Tundraland, and I still have to write that Daily for Sidepodcast. "...Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit drinking caffeine..."

"You ?!, stop drinking caffeine, surely you can not be serious?"

"Yes, I am serious, and stop calling me Shirley!..."

Well, it is an old joke, said about 50 times in the movie Airplane! but if a sarcastic lass did say the second line instead of just laughing at the idea of me trying to cut back on my caffeine intake I would definitely fire that well used retort.

Good Easter Monday morning to everyone. There are a lucky few of you out there that are into the fourth day of a hopefully pleasant four-day long weekend. Many others just have had Good Friday off and to them I say that this Easter Monday that you spend at work is THE DAY that earns you the money to spend on our collective interest of Formula 1.

Current Events: (The Sidepodcast / Another F1 Podcast Flame War)

Sidepodcast F1: Story image

General Admission believes that the Another F1 Podcast offensive was A Bridge Too Far and now plans to unleash counter-offensive to move his "wine cabinet six inches closer to the heart of Another F1 podcast's territory."



We are looking for A Few Good Men (or Women) with The Right Stuff to be Top Gun.

Racing News:

Racing correspondent Alianora La Canta has been covering the Le Mans series tests at Spa. Here is what she has filed from her blog.

Dates to remember:

NascarRichmond 400April 30th
IndycarSan Paulo Indy 300May 1st
Le Mans Series1000 km of SpaMay 5th - 7th.
Formula 1Spanish Grand PrixMay 21st
American Le Mans SeriesNortheast Grand PrixJuly 9th

So with such little racing going on you might be forgiven for thinking that there is nothing to do but there is still lots of sports to cover, things to do, and needed work and upgrades to be completed. For example, a quick look at Mapquest showed me that my home is 618 kilometers or roughly 7 hours drive away from Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal. That is roughly (give or take 20 km) the distance from London, England to Edinburgh, Scotland, so with all that space, something interesting has to be going on, right ?

Other Sports News:

In the NHL, there is the conference semi-finals. Maurice Marmot and I are proud fans of the Montreal Canadiens hockey team, so Viva Les Habs! We need the Canadiens to tie the series at three games a piece to force a final seventh game of the series, and if this was any other team than the Boston (B) Ruins, we would be worried for the Habs.

Out West, the Vancouver Canucks are winning their series against Wilman's Chicago Blackhawks. #SorryJordan :P

The baseball season is completing its first month of the season. Major League Baseball is split into two leagues - the older National League and the American League with normally the teams playing only their league rivals until the so-called "World Series" is played. Each League has three Divisions - East, Central and West. I tend to follow the what is called the American League East Division - Where I tend to support two teams - The Boston Red Sox and whoever is playing the New York Yankees. Quite a few years back, each League had only two Divisions, and the quality of certain teams was so bad that a team in particular became regarded as less than a joke., at least to be the "In Joke" of a Charlie Sheen movie called "Major League", the believe it or not used to be feared tribe of the Cleveland Indians. (JYS was not even born when the Indians last had a decent baseball team.)

But enough on Tundraland, what is going on in Sidepodcastland?

Financial Section:

The Christine (see top this page) has risen sharply against all major currencies as the plan to remove the Christine off the Gold Standard has been shelved.

Travel Section:

No Sidepodcastmeetups have been planned as yet.

Come to Canada ! We Have...... Marmots! Venez au Canada! Nous avons .... des Loutres! *

* paid ad by the Government of Canada

Business Section:

Sidepodcast F1: Story image

First Officer Lou has been fully checked out and is now like myself, fully qualified to fly on Instruments at Sidepodcast Airways. (See photo right.)

Entertainment Section:

Yesterday Giggles attempted to celebrate his birthday in the traditional fashion. Unfortunately it was cancelled by the fire department as that many candles on a cake was considered to be a fire risk. Happy Birthday Giggles, and if Giggles Radio did not air it might be the end result of the fire risk of too many candles on the cake. Giggles does plan to have a "Giggles Radio - Super Soaraway Summertime Special" show today at 4pm BST (11 am, EDT).

You really have to hand it to Christine, operating four web sites, watch F1 races, produce non-video webcasts, and she still has time to look at movies. She has recently taken a look at Easy A for Film Watch's 129th Film. By way of comparison, I have forgotten most of the two films that I have seen since the start of this year but my priorities are sightly different. You can see them at my personal blog.

Sir Dan Brunell Doyle returns his two famous literary creations from his full-length novels The Sine of the DRS and the The Panda of the Blachfords with a collection of short stories in The Case-Book of John M. Watson. Join the world's only Detective Reporter with his friend and college, Dr. Steven Roy in such classic short stories as:

  • The Adventure of the Bruce-McLaren Plans;
  • The Adventure of the Second Lotus;
  • The Adventure of the Solitary Driver;
  • The Adventure of the Concorde Treaty;
  • A Scandal in Woking;
  • The Adventure of the Crooked Lollipop Man;
  • The Adventure of Black Jack;
  • The Adventure of Abbey Corner,
  • The Adventure of the Jaguar Diamond;
  • A Case of Identity (Who is Mr. C?);
  • The Adventure of the Sidepodcast Ritual;
  • The Adventure of the Missing USF1 Team.

So that is today's edition of Panda Propaganda, for more chuckles, take a look at the actual titles of the Sherlock Holmes case titles to see how little was actually changed. The only one that might throw people off is "The Jaguar Diamond". Once you see the title of the last short story, the connection to the "author" should be , well "Elementary". Sadly, I did not feel comfortable enough to come up with a Professor Moriarty character, as my target would have been Alianora.

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