Daily: 24th May 2011

24 May, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Simon Furnivall

So, the earthquake didn't come, the world didn't end, and much to the chagrin of a number of American fundamentalist Christians, we're still earthbound. Given that, for believers and non-believers alike, life continues unabated, we may as well take the chance and press on with some news.

In the F1 world, Renault team owner Gerard Lopez has said it is unlikely that Robert Kubica will be fit enough to race in 2011. Fans of the poker playing Pole may get a chance to see him in the car this year, however, as Lopez mentioned the possibility that he could test his fitness with an appearance in a Friday practice session.

Pirelli's campaign to create excitement in even the most traditionally dull F1 races will continue at Monaco with the début of their supersoft tyre. According to the company's Motorsport Director, Paul Hembery, drivers will be lucky to make the compound last for even ten laps of the principality. Given the number of pitstops the crumbling tyres will likely necessitate, someone should start the betting on how many drivers are given penalties for unsafe release in the tiny pitlane. With the supersoft also due to be one of the compounds available in both Canada and Valencia, we should be in for all sorts of shenanigans in the coming races.

Alas, the teams seem unappreciative towards the idea of continuing this most wondrous of seasons into December. A plan to reschedule the Indian Grand Prix to December 4th, allowing Bahrain to be fit in back-to-back with Abu Dhabi, has met a distinctly frosty reception from both Ross Brawn and Eric Boullier, who seem to think that matters as trivial as actually giving mechanics some time off over the winter might be preferable to another round of “well Vettel will win but the fight for second is brilliant”.

Away from the fun and games in F1, Lib Dem MP John Hemming effectively blew a massive raspberry at the courts and the idea of super injunctions. Hemming, using parliamentary privilege to get around the injunction, named the footballer who allegedly had an affair with a Big Brother 'star' and then obtained a High Court order asking Twitter to reveal the identities of some 75,000 users who had been gleefully tweeting his identity to all and sundry for weeks. Legal minefields abound and, frankly, I'm pretty sure I couldn't care less.

Finally, anyone planning a flight in the UK this week would be best advised to have back up plans. Iceland has clearly got upset at not being in the international news much since the last ash cloud and has kindly sent another one our way, grounding flights in Scotland already. Speaking of Scotland, independence from the UK may come quicker than even the SNP hoped for as the winds howling about the country feel like they could quite easily tear the country off at the border and blow us merrily across the sea. I, for one, have have spent the day cowering from rattling window panes.

Hopefully I'll come out from behind the sofa long enough to see you in the comments.

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