Daily: 24th May 2010

24 May, 2010 at 00:02 (GMT+01:00)


What a fantastic weekend, if you like the sun that is. (Not me of course, there are some things I do believe are underrated, that being rain and Ian Holloway.) So, as we come crashing back down to the working week, and the rain inevitably kicks back in to ruin all of our moods (unless you are me or Jon, who love the rain) then hang around on Sidepodcast, thats almost certainly going to cheer your day up. To the bulletpoints:

  • Britain's very own Lewis Hamilton has been a very naughty boy. He has been charged with intentionally losing control of his vehicle. More interestingly is that the court apperance in Australia is the 24th August, while the Belgian GP is on the 29th. Will he appear? Will anything actually exciting happen? I have some serious doubts
  • There has been tons of discussion lately about the Indy 500. Saturday was Pole Day (with a helpful guide from Leigh) and yesterday was Bump Day (with a teams and driver post from Pat). I'm getting myself behind Ryan Hunter-Reay (mainly since we share the same first name) and you can watch the race on Saturday on Sky Sports 4 (if you can peel yourself from international cricket, League 1 football playoffs or title decideding rugby union on the other 3 channels).
  • Scott Woodwiss has suggested a possible meetup down in Gatwick at the new Pure Tech Racing. The place looks brilliant, basically 10 simulators for a group of people to go down and race on them. More can be found at the relevant post.
  • Finally, Scott also posted a video of a horrific crash in what I believe is the FIA GT series. If you watch from 45 seconds, you see a man trying to get the driver out of the car. Nothing else to say than it was an absolutly heroic act.

So there we are, another Monday arrives and as I move into my final week of compulsary school (I say week, its more two days and a pointless Wednesday). F1 returns at the weekend with Turkey (or going by Alex, its Canada ;)) Speaking of Alex, his latest radio show is available, 2 hours and 37 minutes for you to enjoy on 'P' themed songs.

Have a nice Monday!

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