Daily: 24th May 2009

24 May, 2009 at 00:11 (GMT+01:00)

By Christine Blachford

It is race day in Monaco, then, and we have lost Joe again for the second time in two days. Damn, we are careless with this man. Must try harder. Nevertheless, here are some of the things we've been talking about:

  • Pat pointed out this great post on Speed TV. I haven't got round to reading it yet, but it looks like it tracks the history of Monaco nicely. Let's read it together.
  • Prince Albert of Monaco has spoken out in a timely manner, suggesting that the sport can't afford to lose Ferrari. Of all the people in the paddock, do we think that Bernie, Max and the top bods will listen to the Prince?
  • Kathi pointed it out first, but it was confirmed later that Hamilton will be starting from the back of the grid. Because of his poor position, the team have decided to go ahead and change his gearbox. LewHam is starting light and hoping to barrel through the field - I wonder how possible this will be?

That'll do it for now. Really looking forward to seeing you all in the live comments during the Parade Lap and the race, and if not, we'll catch up later in the day. I will see you in those comments.

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