Daily: 24th March 2011

24 March, 2011 at 02:45 (GMT)

By Pat W

Hello everyone.

Apologies for the late Daily, I was trying to sort out a card and some presents for my sister but neither Moonpig nor Amazon wanted to accept my order straight away, I had set up accounts and verify addresses and all sorts. The complication being that she's in Spain and it has to get there for Tuesday, so I couldn't drop it and do it tonight because I kinda put it off over and over again already. Anyway, done now, even if it might get there late..

So... who's ready for some open-wheel racing? I am! Formula 1 is back. IndyCar is back.. and we probably won't be able to see it. But Formula 1 is back!!

Some people definitely ready for F1 are Australians and people in Australia who aren't Australian. If that's you, and you're in Melbourne on Friday morning, you really should meet up with fellow Sidepodders for the Annual Sidepodbreakfast!

Venue: 2 Doors Down, Fitzroy St, St Kilda

Time: 10.30am Friday

Amy met Pamela there for the first time a year ago, since then they've each explored Europe and both went to the Belgian GP with the Euro contingent. Come along tomorrow and see where it takes you!


With the season upon us this weekend (hallelujah!) it is time to think about the competitions we want to play. The following suggestions came up during a discussion yesterday:

  • The SofaF1 Pole Poll is run by our very own Giggles. There shouldn't be any excuse for missing this one, it is dead easy: make your choices for pole and the top 10 finishing positions for Australia, and do the same for the whole year. Look there's even a draggy-droppy thing to help!
  • The Fantasy Racers Sidepodleague is back and Steven has written about the details you need to join up.
  • ManipeF1 has a management game I've been looking at joining. It is run in the classic style, you have a pot of €85m to buy a chassis, and engine and two drivers.
  • My own TMR Game has been running for a little while but you are still free to join! Just choose your top F1, IndyCar and NASCAR picks for this weekend. As a special introductory offer, new players who join this week or next week will be given 80% of the lowest amount scored each week for every week they've missed from the start of the year. A bit of help to catch-up before the meat of the season, enough of a penalty that you'll need to play well. But next week is the last chance to take the offer!


While you're thinking about your teams, have a read of these fine items.

Leigh has the definitive coverage of the Lotus v Lotus argument court case which is well worth a look, as well as an explanation of the new rules from Mickey Schu.

Some good news from Jonny Noble of Autosport about the F1 track runs:

Some great news about track running this year. UBS is donating $50 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation for every track lap run in 2011

NobleF1's Twitter avatarNobleF1

The UBS charity donation means that everyone in the paddock can raise at least $950 this year. Absolutely no excuse for anyone not doing it.

NobleF1's Twitter avatarNobleF1

Wondering where Christian Klien landed after not getting the apparently much sought-after HRT drive that went to Liuzzi? He's gone back to sportscars, but not Peugeot - he's joined the promising Aston Martin project run by Prodrive. They have a new car this year which whilst not looking or sounding anything like as awesome as the coupe, should be a bit faster and more level with Audi and Peugeot. Is he the man to sort out that car? Probably not, but I'm glad he has a drive somewhere.

Races This Weekend

F1 and IndyCar not enough? How about some Kimi action in Rally Portugal? GT1 at Abu Dhabi? Bikes at Donington? Two NASCAR races? There's tonnes going on!

  • Formula 1, Australian Grand Prix, Melbourne. (with V8 Supercar)
  • IndyCar Series, Grand Prix of St Pete, St Petersburg, Florida. (with Indy Lights)
  • WRC, Rally Portugal.
  • GT1, Abu Dhabi, UAE.
  • NASCAR, California Speedway, Fontana. (Cup and Nationwide)
  • World Superbike, Donington Park.

Don't forget when you are planning your race-watching across timezones, the clocks change across Europe on Sunday morning as we add an hour.

To prepare for the F1 action you are going to need some Race Information, now featuring the fantastic addition of the two tyre compounds in use this weekend. Pirelli have provided a nice little page explaining their F1 tyre range. If you're still confused just remember the song!

Enjoy your Thursday and don't forget tonight, 1am GMT for Free Practice 1!

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