Daily: 24th June 2011

24 June, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Lukeh

Sidepodcast F1: Hmmmmm...

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Hello there once more, Sidepodfans. We find ourselves approaching another weekend and an action packed Friday is looming but there's so much to look forward to today! I mean, first off, it's a Formula 1 weekend over at Valencia so keep an eye out for the Free Practise session and much more relevant information in the Race Info thread as always. As well as that we'll have another fabulous Wimbledon post from resident tennis expert Lou to take us through Day 5! Woohoo! You could always head over to my blog too and see What If the silly season rumours were true?! Much better than that though, there's the challenge that is the Viva F1 European GP quiz too, if you fancy the challenge as the Viva F1 quizzes are always worth a go and Jackie always does a top job with them. And finally, IT'S FRIDAY! So let's have an awesome day, no matter how... manic... it may be...

Paddock News

Faster...for Fernando - Ol' Anando is a bit concerned about 2011 as he reckons it's been a pretty poor year so far for the prancing horses of Italy. He says that a team like Ferrari need to be winning every race. He must be confusing them with Red Bull. He should actually be wondering why his team keep supplying their number one driver with such massive caps.

All He Makes is Entertainment - It seems Lewis has come out and said he'll be on full attack this weekend. I suppose that means better rear wings and chassis protection for everyone else then. In all seriousness, Lewis has no reason to change his style of driving but he really needs to stop being as reckless as he has been recently. We all know the man can drive but where's the smooth Lewis of previous years? I do like how Eddie Irvine says Lewis has lost the plot. Eddie Irvine.

Indian Summer - Introducing the world's longest headling as courtesy of AUTOSPORT, Adrian Sutil's future once again has been talked about with regards to whether he'll be in Force India much longer. How many more chances will he get before he's swiftly booted out for Nico Hulkenburg? Can't be long now. Perhaps Adrian is keeping his job by keeping Vijay entertained with his mad running skills.


Motorcycle Numptiness - I just had to include this. It's probably been shared but it should be shared a million times as it's just astounding stuff. There was a motorcycle crash as you can see and these poor drivers were just wanting to jump back on and well.... their bikes had other ideas. And it made for an excellent pun if I may say so myself.

The Future Has Been Here 4 Ever - One again Codemasters have got themselves all ready to build up to the release of F1 2011 in September and we are lucky enough to have the first dev diary from the development team to watch and a bit of Anthony Davidson to enjoy too. The game looks fantastic already, much less... yellowy... than last year graphically and I already love the out of car stuff in the garage celebrating. Plus, SPLIT SCREEN MULTIPLAYER!!

You Stole the Rings from Our Heart - I wonder how many rings that damn Sonic has stolen over the years. But you may be happy to know our favourite blue Hedgehog that SEGA so lovely introduced to us is now 20 years old which kind of scares me a little bit but also amazes me at the same time. Shame the blue legend has had a rough few years in terms of pretty terrible games but we can still celebrate the classics on the SEGA Megadrive/Genesis. Oh, and his name is Robotnik. It will always be Robotnik. Stoopid 'Eggman'.

Itty Bitty Links

So much to share with you today... I'll try not to overwhelm you with what I have to offer!

  • Worth starting on an F1 related note, as it seems we'll be getting a fancy little segment on the BBCF1 this weekend with McLaren and the presenting team doing a pit stop. I suppose they already have good experience of loud cars and pitlanes...
  • Next up - fancy a fun, addictive, darned sweet game to play on your iOS device this weekend? Why not give the brand spanking new Tiny Towers a go where you have to keep building business up to build up your tower block. It's free and it's absurdly addictive. And it's free. Did I mention it's free?
  • You do know I like to throw in a little musical number to my daily posts so why not give a quick listen to what I can't stop humming right now? It's To Build a Home by the Cinematic Orchestra and it's just absolutely stunning. Do enjoy.
  • Whilst I'm talking music, does anyone else not hear the Thomas the Tank Engine themein the new Bombay Bicycle Club song? I think I quite like it but I can't help but hear the Thomas theme. Every. Single. Time.
  • And finally, what better way to finish than with the combination of cake and Doctor Who? Awesomeness.

That's me sorted. It's Friday so that means the weekend is nearly here and I cannot wait. Remember to head over to the Wimbledon thread and join in if you're watching the tennis and the same goes for the Free Practise sessions too, we do love a good chat in the comments. To end I'll share with you a trailer to a film that looks AWESOME. See you soon chaps.

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