Daily: 24th June 2010

24 June, 2010 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By James

It is Thursday once more, the day that seems to be everyone's least favourite day of the week. Normally not a lot happens on Thursday, at least from my perspective, but with a huge amount of sport taking place hopefully today will just fly by.

  • Yesterday say the USA, England, Germany and Ghana all qualify for the next round of the World Cup, but spare a thought for the Slovenia team who this time yesterday they were top of Group C and now will be making the journey home. In action today are Groups E and F with the defending champions Italy playing Slovakia, Paraguay versus New Zealand, Denmark versus Japan and Cameroon playing the Netherlands.
  • Over at Wimbledon yesterday saw what can only be described as an epic match between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut who tore up the record books as their match became one of the longest in tennis history, play ended last night with the two men level on 59 games each on the final set - the match will continue today and will be the match's third day!
  • The F1 world wasn't quiet yesterday either after a meeting of the FIA World Motor Sport Council a number of changes and rules were announced, the most major being the announcement of Pirelli as the sole tyre manufacturer for the next three years.
  • In the comments Leigh pointed out that Ferrari have released footage of Fernando Alonso driving the F10 around Fiorano shot from a helmet camera allowing you to see the circuit from a unique perspective.
  • Joe, of the popular podcast An Aside with Joe and grandprixplus, has a great post on why Ferrari boss Luca Di Montizemilo is after having that third car, as it turns out he wants to see see four Ferraris on the grid!
  • Those of us using Twitter are getting used to seeing the "Fail Whale" with Twitter seemingly unable to cope at the moment, well the 'Fail Whale' has now been created in cake form. Speaking of Twitter, recently the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev visited Twitter headquarters and took the time to tweet a couple of messages.
  • This Saturday will see the conclusion to Matt Smith's first series as the Doctor, over the last 13 weeks he has become the Doctor to the point where for me personally when I think of Doctor Who, Smith comes to mind and not David Tennant. It feels so long ago that Tennant left but in reality it has only been 6 months. If you have a chance between now and the finale on Saturday I suggest re-watching some of the episodes as there have been hints dropped throughout the series that at the time mean nothing but will mean everything this Saturday.
  • For those using Google Chrome a very awesome new feature has been added to the comments here at Sidepodcast, above the comment box there should be a button entitled "enable alerts", click it and then select "allow" when you are prompted, then either post a test comment or wait for someone else to comment. To cancel the alerts simply close that page or use the click option on the pop ups themselves. If all goes well then you will get a pop-up appear on your desktop every time a comment is posted, it is a new feature and as Mr C mentioned the information on how to do this only appeared yesterday, so it is very, very new.
  • Mr C has also been working on "sidepodcast offline" which is a means of browsing the site after your connection has died, right now only the "about page" has it enabled. This is just to let you know in case you wonder why you are seeing something like this, which may appear in Firefox, offline browsing works on all the latest versions of Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers

That about sums up this (extremely long) daily post, I hope you have a good day whatever you are doing whether that be watching the World Cup, Wimbledon or even queuing up for the new iPhone. I shall see you in the comments!

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