Daily: 24th July 2011

24 July, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Lou

Hey all, hope you’re all okay on this lovely race day, and that your Sunday is full of wonderful things! It is of course time for the German Grand Prix, so why don’t we have some predictions to start the day, unless you’re reading this after the race then well maybe ignore this bit.

  • Will Webber keep his lead into the first corner?
  • Will it rain?
  • Who will be the first to spin?
  • Who will retire first?
  • What will Eddie Jordan claim to have invented today?

If you missed Free Practice 3 yesterday you can catch up with results here. I’m sure you were all sitting eagerly awaiting qualifying yesterday but just in case you missed the first time Vettel hasn’t qualified on the front row for 15 races you can catch Christine’s highlights here, and the results here.

Speaking of Christine, I’m sure you’re all aware by now but she has a brand new super theme on her personal blog, and a few new posts too. Don’t forget to check them out.

Time to move on to some arty random links for you all to enjoy on this glorious day.

  • I’ve just learnt about the beauty of the ‘Manhattan Phenomenon’. Twice a year for less than half an hour, the sunset aligns exactly with the city’s street grid to create some wonderful scenes. Take a look.
  • Speaking of sunsets don’t you wish you could travel to these kind of places! Just amazing.
  • Some more photography now, make a note everyone – Mountains + reflections = a very magical mix.
  • Also, you MUST see this photography, just wow.
  • Here at Sidepodcast we do like a bit of tennis, well some us do. But I’m not sure I would enjoy playing or watching people play on this court. How crazy.
  • One last link for you all. If anyone’s off on holiday soon have you considered buying an underwater disposable camera? Or a case for your current camera? Just look at the sort of shots you could capture!

That’s about it for today, enjoy the rest of your weekend and as Christine would say ‘I’ll see you in the comments.’

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