Daily: 24th January 2009

24 January, 2009 at 01:13 (GMT)

By Mr C.

We haven't had a lot to say in terms of posts the past few days, but that's because the most interesting things are happening in the comments. Here's a quick round up of everything you've missed out on if you've not been keeping up:

  • Gavin found the ultimate in entertaining Formula One challenges - name F1 driver's using their helmet design alone! Some of us are making a better fist of this than others, so why not download the spreadsheet and have a go yourselves? Let us know how you get on in the comments.
  • We're following Kimi's escapades as he tackles the Lapland Rally in a Fiat Punto. We can't pretend to know much about the sport but Kathi's on hand with live timing and pictures, while Lady Snowcat dug out some mental YouTube videos. Can't wait to see what today's action brings.
  • According to F1 Racing magazine, Ron Dennis has a sense of humour. So how is it that he's only decided to reveal the thing two months before he steps aside?

I can't believe you can beat the 'helmet game', but if you know of any similar challenges, don't be shy, share them via drop.io. We're easily amused.

Yesterday, our favourite ever micro-blogging service Identi.ca received a lick of paint, so now we have us a new group for purposes unknown. Currently it has but one joinee, so come along and help make us feel less lonely.

By contrast the Fantasy Racers league is going great guns, with over 100 confirmed teams signed-up already and it's still only January. If you've not created one yet, please follow the enrolment instructions and let us know who you are in the comments. We'll be awaiting your contributions.

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