Daily: 24th August 2011

24 August, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Gavin Brown

Hi there.  Hope you’re having a great week!  I spent the weekend celebrating my sister in law’s birthday in Odense, then geocaching in a forest with some friends.  We left a trackable coin in a cache which is already on the move – we can’t wait to see where it ends up!

Right, so F1’s back on this week and the teams are heading to Spa as we speak.  Check out the Tweets of the Week and Christine’s Driver and Team Rankings to see what else they have been up to.  Also, listen to the Debrief if you haven’t already!

Jonny Noble has uploaded a great video by Shell to Google+ of an interview with John Surtees and Fernando Alonso about Spa – some great footage and very interesting!

There isn’t much more in the way of F1 news – there’s some stuff about it being 20 years since Michael Schumacher’s first race, which Peter Sauber apparently paid Schumi’s appearance fee to Eddie Jordan so he could get the drive and Schumi didn’t know about it until 2006… I am sure EJ will be crowing about it all weekend!

Red Bull went to Austin, Texas to do a demo run on the Grand Prix circuit – yes, you read that correctly!  It currently looks like this from the air, but that didn’t stop DC trying to drive it!  Also, check out this surreal F1 Big Picture – I’m surprised the horses didn’t get freaked out by all the noise!

If you need an F1 fix and like Lego, then check out this awesome stop-motion video – it’s very amusing!  Or check out this homage to the Nurburgring as a slot car track…

Lou’s taken some fab pics from the WSbR at Silverstone last weekend – check them out!  She’ll also be happy to tell you that Jenson is going to take part in the Race of Champions at the end of the year…

Finally, here’s an awesome combination of the Muppets and OK Go singing the Muppet Show Theme song – the ending is especially funny :D

So that’s all from me – I’m going bowling and then for a curry on Thursday, having some friends over for dinner Friday and then it’s F1 THIS WEEKEND!  I’m glad that the break is nearly over and that it’s Spa next – can you believe it’s been nearly a year since the awesome Sidepodspa trip?  I can’t… we had such an awesome time and I have so many happy memories and stories.  Just another sign of what a great place this site is and how awesome the community are :)

See you in the comments!

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