Daily: 23rd September 2011

23 September, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Lukeh

Sidepodcast F1: This is a hidden feature in F1 2011. Honest.

Credit: Williams F1

This is a hidden feature in F1 2011. Honest.

It’s Friday! Hurrah! Hello once again, hope you’ve all had a fine week. Today we go into what could be a Championship winning weekend so as always make sure you check out Christine’s fine work on the Race Information. Do you know who the Race Steward is, and what tyres Pirelli are bringing this weekend? Go and look right there for that and more! We’re just 99 days away from 2012 and already the Christmas word is starting to pop up in shops and commercials. Goodness me. I have birthdays to worry about first! I mean, did you know Nintendo was born back in 1889 on this day? Who’d have thunk Nintendo was 122 years old? Let’s focus on the short term, such as... well, today.

Paddock News

The Iceman is no match for the Oldman - All these crazy rumours about Williams’ 2012 drivers and poor Rubens having to put up with all this. Now it seems people are actually taking the Kimi rumours seriously and I fear that the worst is a possibility. Yes, that’s right, Pastor might not get a seat. Oh, that’s not what they mean? ....damn. Rubens says that his Twitter is going mad with people asking questions, what can I say, I just want to say hello to him! In all seriousness though Stuart Codling has written up a far, far more balanced view on the whole ordeal than any of the tabloid online sources have gone on about and it’s much better to read anyways.

Hail to the Chief - It pretty much seems that the championship war is all but deflated as Vettel’s nearest rivals are starting to come out and say how much he deserves it. To be fair, they have a point. He’s won 23 races this year and qualified on pole 35.6 times so he’s doing something right, and it ain’t just the car if you ask me. Could 2011 be the year Vettel gets taken seriously as a Champion?


Going Live with OnLive - In all honesty I’m a little shocked this day has finally come but OnLive has finally launched in the UK. What’s OnLive, you ask? Welcome to the start of a possible era of cloud gaming, with games available within the cloud for instant streaming. It’s something I never expected to make it’s way to the UK after being out in the US for a while but it’s a hell of a concept if it works. My only real concern is input lag as it’s all streaming and of course connection issues but it’s got good press so far so one to keep an eye on me thinks...

Speed of Light? That’s so 2010 - Now here’s something that should get people talking as CERN (you know, Large Hadron Collider people, with their giant underground donut) reckon they’ve found particles that travel faster than the speed of light. This is much more surprising than their previous announcement that they’ve found particles faster than Vintonio Liuzzi. Still, could it be possible that Einstein may have missed something? I once saw something faster than the speed of light. Well, I thought I did, it went so fast I don’t know if I saw it or not. Also, if CERN have broken the limit of the speed of light shouldn’t they get a fine for breaking the law...s of physics?

Live the Life. Meet the Stewards. Ignore the McKenzie. - It’s finally here! It’s finally here! Yay! Yes, with today’s release of F1 2011 that means the game is finally out across most of the world as the US release was earlier in the week but woohoo! Somehow I’ve pulled myself away from the game to write this daily as my copy turned up yesterday (Shopto are the bestest place ever) and I can tell you now, if you’re looking forward to this prepare because the handling changes and stuff like the Pirelli tyres really make a difference. I’ll be writing up more as I play more over the weekend but if you’re picking up the game today you definitely have to let us know what you make of it in the comments!

And Finally...

A few little things to wrap everything up, just for you.

Phew! Plenty to keep you busy today me thinks. Make sure you check in for Free Practise today if you can for the night time sessions – F1Wolf, Amy and Pamela are there, and are just so very lucky! – should be a fun weekend of F1 in Singapore. As for me, well I’ll see you in the comments. When I’m not busy spinning out on F1 2011 of course.

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