Daily: 23rd May 2011

23 May, 2011 at 00:10 (GMT+01:00)

By Bridget Schuil

Morning, Sidepodders, happy Monday! Shall we go over the important things? We saw The Pointy Finger, but the emotional thank-yous were replaced with Vettel's version of the Crazy Frog. According to Adam Hay-Nicholls, it's a Red Bull in-joke. Oh, you meant news we didn't foresee?

There was action at the front of the pack! A faulty KERS unit prevented Vettel from running away and having a holiday. In my opinion, today showed that Vettel's success isn't only because of Adrian Newey's genius. For about the last third of the race, Hamilton had a good view of Vettel's rear wing; Red Bull's darling held him off, despite repeated attacks.

a brilliant race from Vettel. Stayed cool despite dodgy KERS, no errors, held off Hamilton. Sublime.

willbuxton's Twitter avatarwillbuxton

The pair of them together were going so fast that everyone after fourth place was classified as "+ 1 lap"!

The Mercedes drivers battled it out properly for once. Do Schumi fans out there feel that their predictions of him being back on the pace “next weekend” were justified now? Either way, Britney enjoyed the fight.

Heidfeld was awesome. He started at the back of the grid and fought his way up to seventh. The BBC commentators all thought Hamilton was the man of the race, but I vote for Nicklaus. After all, his beard is cooler than Hamilton's.

We are all sad for Heikki. He defied all expectations and qualified fifteenth, but his race ended in heartbreak.

“@shaaim786: @H_Kovalainen heikki how did u crash ? Cos there were no replays on ur crash” braked too late, off line to marbles, my mistake

H_Kovalainen's Twitter avatarH_Kovalainen

Christine has written a fantastic race highlights post.

Colin Kolles has said he'll complain in Monaco if the teams running the off-throttle blown diffuser – all faster than Hispania – haven't changed their set-up. Is Kolles trying to make his team less popular, or just grab a bit of air time? Perhaps he has a high frequency of the 2R and 7R alleles.

I should explain that. Luke Matthews published a paper on a gene that influences risk-taking and seeking new challenges – the DRD4 gene. The 2R and 7R alleles make people more adventurous, while the 4R allele is likely to cause more moderate behaviour. I asked Dr Matthews if there was a high occurrence of the 2R and 7R alleles in racing drivers, since they're risk-takers. He said it was a reasonable hypothesis, but thus far the other work on the gene had focussed on bankers. Any geneticists out there willing to talk drivers into playing the cheek-swab game?

Speaking of genes, shall we move on to mutations in space? The Endeavour took baby squid up to the space station. No, not as pets. They're there to test whether the “good bacteria” in our digestive systems “turn bad” in space – NASA don't want space making astronauts sick. This follows on from a study on salmonella that was sent into space and came back more deadly. It turns out that Health & Safety isn't all silly rules about step-ladders!

Finally, thirty-two photos that someone thought you should have seen before the rapture that was scheduled for Saturday. All I'll say is this – there's one of a firefighter giving oxygen to a kitten.

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