Daily: 23rd March 2011

23 March, 2011 at 00:00 (GMT)

By Gavin Brown

G’day everyone!  Two days to go until the action begins in Melbourne and the season begins!

But don’t let me go and make some sort of preview for the race – we want someone from Australia to go and do that.  Why not sign up here?  Christine will be very happy if you do…

Speaking of what makes Christine happy, she’s released her driver and team rankings for the week – with some funny goings on even though the teams are en route to the Grand Prix.

Have you guys noticed all the hard work coding and redesigning all of the Sidepodcast related websites? Both Mr. C and Christine have been working very hard improving all of the behind the scenes stuff and it really shows, with better designs and much faster load times.  Read about that here.

Oh, Mr C. wants to tell you that Firefox 4 came out yesterday and he would really like all you Firefox users to upgrade… as shiny new browsers are always better.  Gotta love this download hits world map thingy they have – very beautiful!

Have you figured out the colour coding for Pirelli tyres yet? Confusing, isn’t it? Never fear – Christine has a great way of helping us remember the colours with a very lovely song!

Karun Chandhok is back as a Team Lotus reserve driver and will be driving some of the practice sessions.  As Ant will not be going to Australia this weekend, do you think he will be commentating with Crofty too?

Craig Lowndes and Jenson Button drove an F1 car around Bathurst – check the video and pics from Mattg81! Apparently they smashed the lap record by 20 seconds!

Speaking of Pics, Lukeh took some excellent shots from his surprise visit to Mercedes Benz World with Lou – apparently they are planning a guest post soon, so stay tuned!

Do you play ModNation Racers? It’s like an improved Mario Kart for PS3.  Apparently you can modify almost anything in it and this guy likes making F1 cars! Eat that, First Person Mario!

Maybe you play F1 2010 still? Well, Marussia Virgin have a fun new championship where you post hotlaps at the Grand Prix leading up to the race – more details here.

Maybe you are making picks for the TMR Game? It was a mega week with MotoGP, NASCAR and Sebring and the results are in. Don’t forget to make your picks!

And as if there was not enough F1 this weekend, @LookingSpiffy on Twitter has found two documentaries the BBC will be playing over the weekend too!

Here’s a great article about Adrian Newey – who knew he got expelled from school at 16?

Apparently some Polish F1 Websites are joining together to send a MASSIVE get well soon card to Robert Kubica – so spread the word amongst the Bobby K fans and let’s see if we can help them get the job done!

Fancy winning a prize? Well Hugo Boss are asking people to design overalls for the McLaren boys – so get your pens and paper ready!  I reckon we should go old school and paint them orange.  What do you think?

Speaking of old school, VivaF1 have a great article on the 1.5 litre F1 era, which ironically had the same motives and complaints as today’s technical regulations ;)

Thinking about McLaren Legends... Badger met with Mika Hakkinen, who gave their deputy editor a ride in the awesome Caparo T1 car – seems like they have managed to make one that doesn’t catch fire, either ;)

Finally check out this awesome use of macro focus on this Ladybird pic – I love it!

Well that’s all from me – enjoy your day and if you are in Melbourne, say hi to Joe for us and let us know what is happening in Grand Prix town ;)

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