Daily: 23rd June 2010

23 June, 2010 at 00:02 (GMT+01:00)

By Pat W

Hello, Pat here. You may have seen me from such guest posts as the Indy 500 preview or the Le Mans preview, or the one with the rhino (not to mention my own blogs). I'm sorry to say your regularly-scheduled Wednesday Daily Provider is ill - get well soon Gavin! Put your feet up and watch the footie (I hope your boss doesn't think that's why you're off..).

  • Janna found this list of F1 attendees at next week's Goodwood Festival of Speed, and Steven came up with the list of which drivers are planned to be in which cars. I'm going on the Sunday and many other SPC regulars will be in attendance throughout the weekend - let us know if you're coming, we could meet up.
  • Allen at The Furious Wedge has written a great summary of all the sport he's been watching lately. There's all sorts in there, the man is sports mad and I love this post.
  • We'll be following plenty of sport ourselves today with Day 3 of Wimbledon kicking off proceedings. I'm not much of a tennis fan but I love what it signifies - you really know the British summer is here when Wimbledon is on. We'll have a live-commenting thread for that.
  • Later in the day we'll see the final four World Cup games for Groups C and D, we'll have live-commenting for that as well. I'm sure it'll get very tense this afternoon as England and the United States battle Slovenia and Algeria respectively to win a place in the next round. We obviously have a lot of English and American regulars and I imagine we'll all be on tenterhooks and not doing very much work at all - I hope those of you who can see it will let us know every detail for those of us that can't! Now I can't be sure how many Slovenians and Algerians are lurking, but I'm sure they are just as excited. The evening games will be contested by Germany, Ghana, Australia and Serbia and that group looks fun too.
  • The weekly F1 Quiz at VivaF1 will be taking place at 8.30pm in the Chat area, that's UK time, GMT+1. You'll need to register if you're new but it is quick and easy. If the footie isn't grabbing you and/or you need a fix of midweek F1 knowledge (and the tricky Spot the Difference round) just head over there, newcomers are welcome and you can fight with me for the coveted wooden spoon - I don't try to be last it just happens! All you need is to take a note of your answers and at the end send them to whoever is asking the questions.

That'll do it for now (yes finally I get to say it!) and no doubt I'll see you throughout the day, 'cos you can't get rid of me, I'm addicted.

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