Daily: 23rd April 2010

23 April, 2010 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Lukeh

We have survived Thursday!! High fives all round people! *high fives* Good morning, good afternoon and good night wherever you may be in the world reading this on the last day before the weekend! Lukeh here guiding you through this much loved day, and what a week it’s been eh? Volcanos, ash clouds, bad jokes, allsorts. Oh, and there was plenty of action waiting hear how F1 got back from China – just look at this blog post from Jake Humphrey. Of course the planes once again remembered what it’s like to fly through the sky without a silly volcano making it silly for them! As you can imagine, it was quite silly. Nevertheless, let’s see what wild, wonderful and downright wacky events there are to talk about...

  • Today is the birthday of Sigur Ros singer Jonsi! I’ve spent the last few weeks raving about his new solo album Go, which is already up there for my album of 2010 and I seriously recommend it to all reading because it’s quite simply enchantingly beautiful. The brilliant coincidence here is the last daily I wrote for Sidepodcast saw the birthday of Chris Wolstenholme celebrated, and I feel that Jonsi deserves as much celebration due to his awesomeness! Happy Birthday Jonsi! Remember to check out his new album Go, it’s really quite excellent. Go! Literally! I’m watching you. I feel like I owe him an album too but my musical talent is limited to awful drunken karaokes. Of course, I say talent...
  • Plugging time! Earlier this week I compared Formula 1 to the world of a soap opera television program and it’s still making me chuckle in my mind how similar the two types of entertainment go. Can you imagine Kimi Raikkonen in Albert Square? He would have the time of his life in the Queen Vic! Christine has brought back the wonderful Life in the Fast Lane this week as well and it’s always an absolute privilege to read these stories and having the choice to affect it’s course. It reminds me of the Goosebumps Choose your Fate books I used to read as a terrifying toddler! Finally, Stuart Codling has written up a fantastic piece actually praising Schumacher, which I’d agree with in relation to his defensive moves at Shanghai which were definitely the Michael of old rather than the Ralf-esque performances so far.
  • Mr C posted a wonderful blog post yesterday looking at a quite frightening amount of information that can be taken from McLaren’s Live Data Viewer system as discovered by the guys behind OUseful.Info Blog. Not only are they some of the prettiest graphs I have ever seen (take that, Microsoft Excel!) but they do blow my mind in quite a considerable way. Mr C’s post is definitely worth a read as is visiting the blog being referenced, before phoning your local doctor and arranging an appointment to deal with a serious amount of mind being blown from how genius these graphs are. Graphs are awesome. Just ask Gavin and his excellent blog Making up the Numbers. Which also blow my mind. In general, I am learning blogging can be a dangerous activity for one’s mind.
  • Remember to go see the Sidepodcast response to the downshift of output coming from Mr C and Christine. It’s always worth remembering that the first couple of F1 here do this voluntarily for our entertainment and for their own choice to do so, and if F1 is driving them crazier than a trip to a Michael Schumacher Theme Park, then I for one more than appreciate them downshifting whatever way they can to make sure they’re happy. Luckily, Sidepodcast is here and the smiles are returning. Even though Christine and Mr C are saying thank you to us, I say to them... THANK YOU TOO!

Well, that’s all I have to share this week. Yesterday I got back my dissertation all bounded and ready to hand in after 6 months of work, so it’s fair to say I’m very happy about that! Also, if you have some time please do take a look at the many beautiful photos on my fantastic partner’s flickr profile, just because Lou’s ability to take the most amazing photos matches her ability to be an amazing person and going through her albums always continues to blow my mind! Again with the mind blowing! Nevertheless, I hope you guys enjoy the weekend, Christine will be back bringing you the daily tomorrow and Sunday and I shall see you in the comments. Not literally, because I can’t see in the comments, but just look at them and see your name. So I will see your name in comments and you will see my name. I’m not sure that needed an explanation. Urm...yes! See you next Friday, folks!

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