Daily: 22th March 2011

22 March, 2011 at 05:57 (GMT)

By amandoloss

If someone took a look into my head he'd find only one thought: 5 days left till the new F1 season!! FINALLY!!! It's racing time, baby! Can't wait to see the boys back on track again. In their new shiny cars, new overalls, new helmets, new physios ... with new expectations and as hungry for victory as ever! Oh dear, how I miss the race weekends!! 5 days!

Every F1 fan will agree that Melbourne is one of the best tracks and places on the F1 calendar. Always a great race, fab atmosphere, huge love for the sport. I really can't understand why Mister E. wants to take it off the calendar.

Other think that makes me happy is that I share a passion with Heikki. I kinda managed to read this tweet today, which is a bit late, but still. :-)

Santander customers have got the chance to win a day (A WHOLE DAY!!) with El Alonso in a raffle. The need to be Santander clients, join the bank's facebook page and answer the question why they'd like to be Fer's co-driver. As a hint: do not answer: "Because I want to be faster than you" or something like that ...

On this very page there is the fresh edition of the Tweets of the Week, so make sure you check it out. And if haven't been following Vitaly Petrov on twitter .... well, he's a hell of a twitteriser!

Big news from other sports: someone wants to get rid of old Sepp! Well that's what I call news.

"Fifa president Sepp Blatter came under fire after Fifa's vote in December for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups, which were awarded to Russia and Qatar respectively."

Error! Wrong word. They should have written "sold" to Russia and Qatar, as every child knows.

The Bin Hammam bloke challenged Sepp to TV debate. I do not want to disappoint you, sir, but Sepp won't attend as he's got too much to hide!

OK, back to the F1 ... did you know it's only 5 days? So who do you think is going to finish first in Melbourne, humm?

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