Daily: 22nd February 2011

22 February, 2011 at 00:50 (GMT)

By amandoloss

Hello and welcome to my sidepodbed, where a Sutilesque intractable illness is keeping me hostage. The Formula 1 world wasn't that inactive as there was some testing in Barcelona and Christine kept us all updated. Day one and two went on Vettel, on third day it was Nico Rosberg who surprisingly finished on top, and the fourth day of testing has been won by Felipe Massa.

Altough there's been one news, which quite overshadowed the action in Barcelona, namely the speculations about the upcoming Bahrain GP and whether it will take place, or not. Well, now it it's official: it won't. So now we have to wait till the 27th of March when the F1 world is going to arrive in Melbourne, and open the season there. However, when one speculation/discussion has been cleared, another sparked off: will the Bahrain GP take place eventually and if so, when? And the further testing? Will it be Barcelona again? Who said Formula 1 is boring?

Our favourite ... ekhm... ekhm ... driver, Adrian S., spoke about the tyres. No, I didn't read it, I'm just posting it in case someone of you would like to. Speaking of whom, an official cap is now available. Just in case someone would like to ... You know what's frightening? That his 2009 cap is sold out. He really has got fans! Gobsmacked! Those poor souls urgently need help, if you ask me ...

Flavio B. is back in the spotlight ... well, not quite the man himself, but a book about him. I could have told you something more about it if my Italian was better. I've been a bit sloppy ...

Heikki is working on another Fonecta commercial and it sound intriguing! Looking forward to it. In the meantime Timo and Jens where busy with training. 100 km on the bike???? *dying* Reading this I really feel less fit than a chop of an old

steak! Once I'm out of this bed ... there will be steps forward only!

Lovely people, I now shall leave you with this news and links. Do not forget to ckeck out this very site regularly to find out everything on the Bahrain turmoil thing, and much more.

I am off ... it's Football Weekly time. ;-)

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