Daily: 22nd September 2011

22 September, 2011 at 01:17 (GMT+01:00)

By Pat W

Hi guys. I'm enjoying a few days off work as I use up our bizarre holiday allocation which runs from October to September. You'd think that would mean getting some useful odd jobs done, but no it does seem easier to doss around reading the internet and catching up with rugby highlights (aren't South Africa looking good now!).

I've also been really getting into AC/DC's older stuff, after getting quite drunk at a tribute band's gig on Saturday. What music have you discovered lately, even if it isn't newly-released?

LookingSpiffy has been exploring an alternative option for watching F1 in 2012 without paying the monthly fees for Sky Sports - watch the free foreign channels! Sounds like a lot of hassle to me but if you have the space for the dish it seems worth giving it a try.

Leigh has written his thoughts on the situation at Williams at the moment.

He also found this great video pulling together into a decent narrative all those clips we saw Red Bull film in Austin the other week.

I've got around to writing up my day at the Goodwood Revival, I'd love it if you took a look even if you only gawp at the gorgeous cars. Martin Brundle was there in a Ferrari 250 GTO.

Since I was there I didn't really keep track of the rest of the news in racing, only really that Casey Stoner dominated the MotoGP in Aragon and has essentially got that title wrapped up now, surely.

If you are into IndyCar be sure to follow CEO Randy Bernard on Twitter. As an interesting comparison you can also follow ALMS Race Director Beaux Barfield and COO Scot Elkins.

The entry list for Petit Le Mans is out and has 58 cars on it, only 53 will be allowed to start in a controversial ruling which will affect a couple of domestic ALMS class championships, which might not be allowed to participate. It is good to see Marino Franchitti get a drive in Level 5's new HPD.

Before that though it is the LMS season-closer in Estoril, a fairly weak field since the ILMC competitors will be heading to the US for Petit. Sportscar racing does like to make life more complicated than it needs to be. The LMS in Europe and the ALMS in North America are dying as the money goes into the ILMC, but the latter needs the former to act as feeder series to be able to survive. There's talk IMSA might not renew the ALMS name and will go it alone with cars which are similar, but not quite the same, in 2012. Interesting times for racing falling under ACO rules. I hope it pulls through.

Races this week:

F1 - Singapore (SPC race info)

LMS - Estoril (TV deal largely fell through so could be tough to follow)

NASCAR Cup & Truck - New Hampshire

World Superbike - Imola

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