Daily: 22nd May 2011

22 May, 2011 at 11:21 (GMT+01:00)

By Lou

Hello everyone. I must first make a huge apology to Christine, Mr C and everyone at Sidepodcast, this daily is so late (maybe the latest in a very long time) and well, I can only hope that you’re all to excited for the Grand Prix to mind too much. I’m used to producing late daily posts for you all but this one is just a bit too late I feel. Anyway, lets get on with it otherwise the whole day will be gone!

Lets start with some F1 news, yesterday was of course qualifying for the Spanish Grand Prix, did you miss it, or fancy a quick recap before the start of the race? Well Mrs Christine has a summary post for us all.

It’s nearly time for the Spanish Grand Prix (So sorry this post is late!), but this gives me a great opportunity to remind you all to turn over to the brilliantly made Sidepodcast Dashboard for fun and comments during the race. You’ll find everything you could possibily need, including the amazing FactByte FactBox. Which you can also find on its own page or on the home page.

Despite it being the Spanish Grand Prix today while I am of course excited, I seem more thrilled that it’s just 7 days until the Monaco Grand Prix, one of my favourite tracks (for all the classic reasons) and just a pure beautiful sight to see I think these next weeks are going to be so awesome for us fans. Yay!

We live commented the Indy 500 qualifying yesterday, want to catch up with the Pole day results?

Onto the arty section!

I’m not sure if this is what I have ever thought of when imagining parts of Spain, but I think I may need to go to these beautiful places before I die.

Not personally being a fan of Star Wars, never having seen them, I’m not sure I can appreciate them as much as I’m sure you can, but even I’ve spotted these are just a tiny bit cute.

Not sure I can actually believe this is an oil painting… but wow…

I think I have been missing these from my life for a while. Everyone wants a melted mirror, right?

What would you take with you if your house was on fire? I was originally going to answer this here in the daily, but I’m not sure I’d be able to give enough thought to it other that my immediate choices which would be my Mac, cameras and printed photos beside my bed. I think it’s better suited to a separate blog post, however why not have a think about it in the comments?

I shall leave you with a picture of a cute kitten, because, well we all love kittens right? Enjoy the race!

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