Daily: 22nd June 2011

22 June, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Gavin Brown

Morning everyone! For those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, did you sleep well last night? Because it was the longest day of the year.  Also, according to James Allen, it was Fangio’s birthday yesterday, but it seems as though he is a little confused!

Speaking of really long waits, it’s always a bit weird on the Tuesday before the Grand Prix, as the teams are in transit so there’s not much news.  Pirelli are bringing their medium tyres this weekend, but they have been apparently made more durable.  Does that make them Extra Medium then?

Cue the FIA to make some for us then: they’re fiddling with the engine mapping rules in order to stifle Red Bull’s qualifying advantage.  But other teams like Renault say it will affect them too.  Have you seen the latest issue of Renault’s sponsor magazine? Sniff Petrol reckons it’s one for the ladies…  Also, Sniff’s poking fun at Lewis Hamilton, much deserved really!

Apparently things in Austin are going really well – but it’s super hot there.  Perhaps Red Bull will be able to refresh the fans, Joe thinks… Joe’s also been writing about the 2013 engine rules, some advanced materials and taming prancing horses

WTF1 has been scouring the net looking for the funniest F1 things and has made a post of the best F1 drifts – quite entertaining.  Speaking of which, the world record for the longest drift has just been broken at Mercedes-Benz World.  He’s beaten Vaughn Gittin Jnr, which pleases me a lot because he’s the annoying voiceover guy in Need For Speed Shift 2 Unleashed Which Is A Racing Game If You Didn’t Realise From This Ridiculously Long Title…

There has been plenty to listen to and read on Sidepodcast too – there’s an Aside with Joe and a Debrief, plus Tweets of the Week, Christine’s Driver and Team Rankings, a discussion on what makes a vintage season, and even Wimbledon posts.  So plenty to catch up on, if you haven’t already.

Finally I shall leave you with the latest part in the Everything is a Remix series.  This is the third part in a series that will blow your mind.  Who knew that so many of our favourite things drew heavy inspiration from others?

So that’s all from me.  Congrats again to Alex and Kat, who have a lovely baby daughter born on Father’s Day.  Great story about her name too!

I may not be in the comments this morning as I have an important appointment to keep … but more on that later ;)  Have a great day and see you later!

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