Daily: 22nd June 2010

22 June, 2010 at 00:00 (GMT+01:00)

By Marilene Riddle

It seems like order had been restored in the sporting world as the favourites reign supreme (well almost) in both football and tennis. As for Formula One, all seems quiet for now. But with a grand prix coming up (even if it is just Valencia), things might heat up soon:

  • Lotus had a family outing of sorts, with Heikki and other older company coming around to drive antique cars. How sweet!
  • Mercedes may need a spy of their own as their current methods of copying have not been very effective...
  • Meanwhile, some Schumacher fans just don't give up. But this quote (along with Mr. C's reply) is simply classic.
  • Alex Zanardi's thirst for racing has not died down. National handbike champion is another title he adds to his list of achievements.
  • It has been a positive day on Christine's rankings as the selected few register a large gain in points. Tweets of the week has also been posted, with Ferrari dominating proceedings as usual. :D
  • Another F1 blog goes bust. Thank goodness Mr. and Mrs. C thought of downshifting instead of clearing out for good.
  • It hasn't stopped other sites from messing with each other though.
  • James Allen's site has been taken over by FOTA. Let's hope it will not end up like their own.
  • Goodwood is approaching! Who are you going to watch out for?
  • rFactor has received a new mod in the form of FSONE 2009 1.0. Brawn cars, Kimi's helmet and the option to use KERS await!
  • In fact, Jenson may think of getting this update for a ride on his winning car, rather than unpleasantly fighting with his former employers.
  • Jon is planning something epic. Stay tuned.
  • Brazilians racers join in the football fun. But where is Rubens?
  • Is all the football talk confusing you? Or just not getting what Wimbledon is about? But no worries as here at Sidepodcast we are going to have breakout threads to keep things in perspective. And if in doubt, you can always consult Christine.
  • For those who have really nothing better to do (though I doubt it with the amount of sports waiting for you to enjoy) you can always watch a map where trains move along the tracks. Because it is like, fun. ;)
  • Finally, there is a new cute way of shortening those troublesome long links!

Wow, I didn't expect it to be that long. Anyway, hope you have a lovely sports-filled day and remember to join us on the breakout threads (or even contribute one of your own)!

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