Daily: 22nd July 2011

22 July, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Lukeh

Sidepodcast F1: You're doing it wrong, Doctor.

Credit: 500year_diary

You're doing it wrong, Doctor.

It's Friday! Hurrah! My favourite day of the week for so many reasons. The end of the week, the start of a new F1 weekend, and of course I get to share a daily with you and that's just the cherry on top of an ice cream made of awesome. And ice cream, of course. There's so much win to share today though. I mean, after all, today is Pi Approximation Day - after all, 22⁄7 is an approximation of pi and today is 22/7! We should celebrate with an approximation of pie. And by that, I mean a whole pie. Several of them. Also, it's a race weekend! So make sure you check out Christine's wonderful collection of race information and enjoy Free Practise today if you can. But first, linkables to enjoy...

Paddock News

Long Live the King... - What a brilliant way to kick off a special weekend to be a Rubens weekend. OK, so it may not be Hockenheim, but the German GP was the first top step finish for Rubens in 2000. What a day, tears were had, brazilian flags were flown, and rain was... raining. But now Rubens has expressed the news that he and Williams are negotiating a drive for 2012 and quite right too. With the return of the Renault engines and Rubens still be awesome at the age of 59 it's exciting times!! Isn't it kind of wierd how he nearly lost his drive before 2009 to Bruno, who bugged me immensely because of that, and now he's still going on several years later after almost winning a championship again and now I heart Bruno too?

Costa La Vista, Baby - And it's a very not so warm goodbye to Ferrari chief engineer Also Costa as the team put him on gardening leave and throw him out in the garbage at the end of the year. Whether he will do any actual gardening has yet to be confirmed. I guess it costa lot in how much they've lost out this year already. I suppose Aldo could head to the Costa Del Sol for a bit if he needs a break, and if he's lacking money, he can always go shopping at Costa. For coffee. Puns are fun.

Can the Trulliometer go that low? - I'm quite excited by this news. The man of moan, the source of all issues, Jarno Trulli, has been suited and booted from the car for this upcoming weekend and replaced by the walking Wikipedia that is Karun Chandhok. Fantastic news I reckon and it's time Karun got a go and seeing how close he can finish to Heikki. Of course it's not all good stuff - RG wrote a quite frankly brilliant post expressing his dismay and annoyance at the decision and it's such a well rounded argument I found at least even if you disagree.


Formula 1's not for nerds. It's for geeks! - As if you all need any more reasons why Formula 1 is worth watching, why not 10 more geeky reasons why it's worth it? Yeah, go on then. You can never have enough reasons I find. Science, computers, superhuman athletes, science fiction, and so on and so on. Plus as David Croft said a few weeks ago, if enjoying F1 makes me a geek then bring on the anoraks! F1 fans are just the best geeks ever.

Who's your Destination? - Man, I love this. Some people just have too much time and quite right too when they create absolute genius like this. What if the world of Doctor Who was represented in the form of the London Underground? Absolutely stunning job and the amount of depth is absurd! Talking about Doctor Who, the header image was created by the also genius 500year_diary it seems and can be found over at How to be a Retronaut. Doctor Who fans are just the best geeks ever.

Sonic the Hedgehog is almost as old as me? That's scary - A few weeks ago you may have remembered I wished out favourite blue hedgehog a happy blue birthday (da ba dee da ba dye) and by that I mean a good birthday because he is of the blue variant rather than a depressing birthday. Anyways, I digress - SEGA have put together a brilliant little video highlighting the transformation of Sonic as he evolved from a Megadrive icon to a bit of a shadow of his former self (literally with Shadow the Hedgehog). It shows his better moments from early days, less memoerable moments from newer games, and also Sonic the Hedgehog on the Xbox. Gaming geeks are just the bes... you see where I'm going.

Tiny Linkables So Tiny You Could Eat Them for Breakfast

That's that for another week, I'm afraid. I hope you've enjoyed reading because the last few Friday's have been a bit wierd not getting a chance to write a proper daily but huzzah! Hurrah! Well, I chanted that whilst writing at least because I'm cool like that. But I hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy Friday to the full because it's not long until the weekend and more awesome F1 to look forward too. See you in the comments, lovely people!

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