Daily: 22nd December 2010

22 December, 2010 at 00:01 (GMT)

By Gavin Brown

Sidepodcast F1: Oh Tannenbaum...

Credit: Gavin Brown

Oh Tannenbaum...

Well hello there people! Not long until Christmas now, is it? With only three more days to go (two if you live on continental Europe) things are starting to get pretty hectic ... and yet oddly they seem to slow down at the same time...

Seeing as it's Christmas, how about some F1-themed Christmas cards? We have one from Sauber, from Virgin, Red Bull and from Nigel Mansell in 1987...

Also we have Christmas Messages courtesy of Sebastian Vettel and from Formula1.com. Which reminds me, have you checked out the Sidepodcast and Giggles Advent Calendars?

F1 News

But we actually have some F1 news! Yes! Although, for some people it's not good news. Jerome D'Ambrosio has been announced as the second driver at Virgin Racing, in place of Di Grassi. I'm not sure about this one myself, I would have thought this was a bit of swapping "like for like". But I guess we will just have to see how he does... Last time we saw in at SidePodSpa he didn't fare too well in the GP2 race - and neither did we as the truck taking his broken car back to the pits almost ran us over (pics). Crofty is already thinking about how to commentate on him ;)

Still, Joe reckons we should always look on the bright side, and Andrew Benson reckons Patrick Head and Rory Byrne know just the formula. ScarbsF1 reckons we shouldn't get too excited but I reckon we should - because this HAS to work!!!

In other F1 news... McLaren are having a quiz for prizes if you want to have a go, and GP+ released the 2010 season review.

MetroF1 speak to the Russians, but don't seem to properly read the sites they link to... I mean, it's cool to be recommended but at least the site recommending you should classify your website properly ;)

Motorsport Retro have the top 5 F1 and Rally stories for 2010 which are worth a read, and Dank has a great post which includes videos of the early DTM days... back when they were proper Touring Cars and it was worth watching ;)

Also, Jaime Alguersuari wants to be now known as SQUIRE. I have no idea either. What's wrong with Tim, anyways?


Firstly, the whole site seems to have bitten the Chess bug. It's great fun and nice to challenge your friends too. There's all sorts of skill levels from beginner to expert. So what are you waiting for? Head over to Chess.com and add your details to the wiki page now!

Vanity Fair took some pics inside Ralph Lauren's Garage ... more like a museum. Suffice to say there's some cool looking cars in there!

Did you see the Lunar Eclipse yesterday morning? I saw a partial shadow on the moon. This guy saw the whole thing and made a great composite image :)

Christine has moved her site back to Wordpress, and has been writing about the RAC Traffic App (handy in the snow) and a great sketch by 'The One Ronnie' which pokes fun at all of these gadgets named after fruit with a tech support sketch in a greengrocers :D

Here's another silly idea by the music industry - wearing an album as an MP3 player inside a badge/button. Because it's apparently cool to show off what you are listening to. In the days of singles and shuffle being the preferred option over albums, I can't see why I would want to do this instead of having all my music on my iPhone...

Speaking of bad signing ... Natali Morris tweeted a link to her colleagues singing the 12 days of Christmas. It's nowhere near as good as our version, of course ;)

So that's all from me. As this is the last Daily from me beforehand, I would like to take the opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and that you have safe travels and a good time over the holiday season. And spare a thought for all those who are stuck in airports, stationed overseas, working offshore or in places like hospitals, where their job still needs to be done and they cannot be home with their families for Christmas...