Daily: 22nd December 2008

22 December, 2008 at 09:19 (GMT)

By Christine Blachford

Another late daily post, but this time we've got an excuse. The Sidepodparty was a raging success last night, or at least I hope it was. From our point of view, we got the show recorded, opened some presents and danced a conga dressed as a panda. What more could you ask for? Watch the replay here and the finished Sidepoddie Awards show will be out in the next few days. Elsewhere, in the world of Formula 1:

  • Vettel has admitted he's concerned about the safety of KERS. With another voice added to the weight of dissent in the paddock, plus the fact that no one is ready to take it racing - will we actually see KERS appear in 2009?
  • Dave Richards has stepped up his campaign to purchase Honda by flying out for meetings in the Middle East. Richards credentials for owning the team are still up for great debate in the comments, so add your thoughts if you've got an opinion.
  • That's about it for news, it is Christmas after all. If you were buying presents for any of the guys in the paddock, who would you buy for and what would you get them?

If you've finished work/school/other for the holidays and are wondering what you're going to do for the break, don't panic. Sidepodcast will still be here. We've got plenty of shows coming up, and the Daily posts will keep on appearing at midnight indeterminate times each day. We'll get you through the festive season.

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