Daily: 22nd April 2011

22 April, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Lukeh

Hello hello, once again. It's Friday! Hurrah! A really bad Thursday yesterday has pretty much resulted in not much energy or time to fit in the usual standard with this daily so I do genuinely apologise, but that is so yesterday. Today is Good Friday though so we're going to have a Good Friday with plenty of hot cross buns, agreed? Excellent! Although hot cross buns are basically scones with make up on... but they're still yummy...

  • It's been announced by Robert Kubica that he will soon be leaving his hospital and continuing with his recovery which is excellent news and always so very good to see positive developments in his return to Formula 1. The sooner we see his talented driving back on the grid the better but of course it's always worth appreciating he should take all the time he needs to return when ready. Lovely to hear from him though.
  • The legend that is Murray Walker has been talking about how the F1 season has gone for him so far, and it's always good to hear Murray's voice when it comes to Formula 1 or in general! Luckily the video is also available for non-UK based viewers here. He seems totally impressed by Petrov and quite right too. Petrov is awesome. Goodness, am I turning into a Petrov fan?
  • Now I understand why it's Good Friday, because we have a brand spanking new Aside with Joe to listen to and enjoy! Hurrah! The latest show was posted late last night so there's no excuse for you to download it, give it a listen and get involved in the comments! As Mr C says in the post - You do not want to miss it.
  • And this is really how not to celebrate a major cup victory at all, oh deary me. Real Madrid managed to overcome the mightily mighty Barcelona in the Cope Del Rey final in Spain, only to go and run over their cup with a bus during the open top bus celebrations. Can you imagine Sebastien Vettel becoming champion (bare with me, keep going) then going and dropping the trophy off the podium? Perhaps they would run over the trophy using these stewards.
  • Pat found this absolutely awesome set of photographs yesterday showing sequence photography and I just had to share it in the Daily. The skateboarding one is absolutely immense but the whole set kind of blows my mind a bit in general, just a very cool concept. The site seems pretty cool and browsing led me to this awesome little History in LEGO set, although I'm not so sure about Donald Trump apparently being Conan O'Brian.
  • Of course we are just a week away from the wedding of all weddings, Weddingmania 2, Four Weddings and a Wedding, Our Big Fat Royal Wedding! But why wait until then when you can just see the royal wedding as represented in The Sims 3? what made me laugh was the fact Harry seems to spend the entire wedding with no top on and Prince Charles has some smooth moves on him. Quite frankly the wedding must go the same as this or I shall be disappointed!

I should point out that next Friday there will be a spare Daily for some lucky person to have a go and write on the Thursday evening as I'll be away and unavailable to do so, so if you've always wanted to write the Daily pluck up that extra bit of courage and give it a go! It's great fun and you can come say hello in the comments too. Have a good Good good... Good Friday and I'll see you guys in those comments that can be much fun for all to get involved in!

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