Daily: 21st September 2011

21 September, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Gavin Brown

Hey there folks! Hope you are having a great week.  I have been busy, and Copenhagen is pretty quiet right now because they have closed off all the roads in the city centre to hold some sort of bike race – I went out to see it yesterday but it was a bit meh.  A police bike, a cyclist and then a station wagon barking orders at the cyclist.  Then nothing for a while, then repeat!

But on Sunday I will visit a friend’s house to watch the proper part of the cycle race.  Also this weekend I am going to a Kiwi pub to watch the All Blacks play France and go to a friend’s daughter’s first birthday party.  So, much to look forward to!


  • It’s Rankings day, so best start with some choice links from the Driver and Team Rankings, eh?
  • There was a very interesting Debrief the other day – go check it out…
  • Christine has released a new book, while the content should be familiar to most of you ;)
  • I found a new online magazine called Professional MotorSport World – it looks interesting and Joe Saward and David Tremayne are involved too…
  • The Goodwood Revival was last weekend, with Pat, Lara and Lynch posting some great pics.  BBC had a great photo tribute to Fangio too…
  • Speaking of the end of an era, BadgerGP has the last ever POP column written by Tess Tarossa.  Never fear though, it will continue with a new writer.  She’s written a great send off with her favourite moments!
  • RookieF1 has written another great post on F1 Bromances.
  • Valentino Rossi is claiming his woes are down to his seating position – brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘annus horribilus’ :) 
  • Toby Moody has a great column on why they are not winning anymore.  I do hope Vale is back on top in 2012!
  • Manipe has a great roundup of his weekend.  Glad he managed OK considering his gear got stolen – and it wasn’t really his fault either because they opened his car boot!
  • I found a video of Tom Cruise driving the Red Bull if you haven’t seen it already.
  • This video of a bike race at Hock-in-half will make you gasp.  Make sure you are sitting down for this one!
  • EADS have turned the amp up to 11 with 3D printing – but would you fly in an Airbus A380 knowing that some of the parts were made that way?
  • Have you ever wondered what a Caveman’s Swiss Army Knife would have looked like…?
  • …or what Twitter’s first homepage looked like…?
  • …or what the best views out of an airplane window looked like? Well wonder no more!

So that’s all from me.  Here are some F1 movie posters for you – will Sebastian Vettel get his Hollywood ending in Singapore this weekend?

See you in the comments :)

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