Daily: 21st October 2010

21 October, 2010 at 02:50 (GMT+01:00)

By Pat W

Hello everyone. I'd written 1060 words about Korea, VivaF1's quiz, links to this and that. But I hit publish just as MediaTemple failed so it was all lost, so you'll have to make do with this short version as it is now well after 2am and I should've been in bed over an hour ago. Mr C says do not use this shower of a hosting company.

Korean Previews

  • Check out this thread for discussion of KAVO's battle to get the circuit ready in time for Free Practice tomorrow. It looks like they'll have a useable circuit which is something of a miracle, even if the surroundings are a building site. THat's more than we expected a week or two ago.
  • Take a look at Sidepodcast's Race Information featuring the all-important session start times, weather forecasts and a track map.
  • Christine and Leigh have both written previews featuring the Red Bull CGI virtual lap.
  • Be sure to read VivaF1's excellent free Grand Prix View e-magazine featuring articles from Mav and Leigh on how F1 teams approach tracks they've never seen before, and some of Korea's past international races.


Leigh has also covered the recent GP3 Winter Test and it seems the GP2 teams are ruling the roost.

I hope you've read my entry in the On Track series, about the only time I've ever been at speed on a race track. If you have a story to share about your time on a racing circuit please do let us know.

WTCC is moving from Brands Hatch to Donington Park next year, presumably Formula 2 is going with it. I'm not sure why but this appeals to me much more and I'm really tempted to go, I guess because I've always liked Donington. Not that Brands Hatch is a bad place. I'm thinking perhaps we could set up a budget Sidepodmeetup for people who can't afford to go to a Grand Prix, what say you?

If you're in the UK, tomorrow at 8pm on Five there's a show about the truckies who transport F1 cars around Europe which looks like it could be fun. Thanks to Christine's Dad for the tip. If you don't have Five perhaps it'll be on Demand Five.

At this point in the original I'd featured a small number questions from last night's VivaF1 quiz, which I hosted, instead of my regular music recommendation. I don't have time to repeat that even though Mr C was kind enough to make some special code to hide the answers. I guess that'll have to be used another time. What I can do though is link through to the full list of questions, I hope you take a look and have a go yourself. How many did you get right? Did you find 5 differences in the fiendishly difficult Spot the Difference? Why not join us next Wednesday at 8.30pm UK time for the live edition?

Okay, that's it from me. Let's hope the server behaves itself from now on.