Daily: 21st June 2011

21 June, 2011 at 00:23 (GMT+01:00)

By Simon Furnivall

Ladies and gentlemen, play is suspended. Yes, indeed, it's time for two weeks of rain to fall upon us as Wimbledon is here. Of course, with a British player high in the world rankings, that means ten days of newspapers building expectations and using up the year's supply of Fred Perry mentions, only for inevitable disappointment as one of the players who is simply better than Andy Murray wins the title; relegating Murray back to being a whinging Scot in the process.

After his win at Queen's, Murray was doing quite well on the British-o-meter, his majestic win over Andy Roddick and win over Jo-Wilfried Tsonga elevating him to the status of fish and chips. After a lacklustre start against Daniel Gimeno-Traver, he was somewhere around Hadrian's Wall, and when his Spanish opponent took the first set, he was back to full kilt and sporran wearing Scottishness. An excellent fightback later, with two tasty bagels handed out, and he was all strawberries and cream and bowler hats once more.

There is, of course, news emanating from the world of Formula 1 as all this ball bouncing, court covering, ticket queuing fun is going on. It seems that the Sunday Times' story about the BBC dropping their F1 coverage isn't far wide of the truth. Martin Whitmarsh reacted by praising the corporation's product and saying they would be unwise to not renew their deal.

Martin Brundle sounded slightly less bullish on his twitter feed.

I understand everything at BBC is under review for savings including sports rights. We can only keep making our best F1 shows + wait to see

MBrundleF1's Twitter avatarMBrundleF1

A supposed brief flirtation with Ferrari has had the desired effect for Jenson Button – no doubt his heroic win in Montreal helped too – as he is set to be offered a new deal by McLaren. The Woking-based team have an option on JB for 2012, but they look likely to give him a seat for longer than that, possibly keeping him until he hangs up the helmet.

Lotus team boss Tony Fernandes has promised that the team won't simply stick their fingers in their ears and make 'la la la la la, not listening' noises and will actually look to learn from the mistakes they made in Canada. Having finished behind both HRT and Virgin after coming within half a second of Jamie Alguersuari in qualifying, learning from mistakes would perhaps be the least that fans of the team would expect.

We also have a Grand Prix to look forward to this weekend, though unfortunately it does happen to be in Valencia. Perhaps, finally, the DRS and Pirelli tyres can ensure we have something to say about the race other than, "doesn't the pit garage look lovely".

Hope you have a good week and I'll see you in the comments.

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