Daily: 21st June 2010

21 June, 2010 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)


Here comes summer. Yes, for those living in the part of the world that lies above the equator, summer is officially here and can be officially enjoyed. I see those living in Barcelona get 23 degress with a bit of cloud, those lucky to be in San Francisco are in for a tasty 24 degrees with clear blue skies and those in Newcastle get a lovely... 15 degress and lots of cloud. Very... nice.

  • The fact is, those to the south of this world are in for some colder weather (than usual), but will it keep affecting the World Cup? I say no. I hope it doesn't because we've seen one very unique World Cup so far. England, France, Italy, Spain and Germany could all go out if they aren't careful. They are big names, huge names. But the fact is simple, is Europe really the powerhouse behind football these days? We shall see, but today we get to look forward to games from the mighty North Korea who play Portugal, my newly favourite team Chile against Switzerland and Spain against Honduras. It is the end of the second round of fixtures before things start to get a little bit manic for the next few days.
  • In F1 news... well, there isn't any. The circus goes to Valencia this week and lets face it, we'll deal with that when we get there. But, ex-Super Aguri star Takuma Sato was in IndyCar and all set for a podium until the inevitable happened. And ex-world champion Jaques Villeneuve apparantly looked good in his return to NASCAR. If anyone is interested, which you probably aren't, but super Tai Woffinden made it to the semi-finals of Satuday's Speedway Grand Prix. Its like making it into Q3 in F1, only the best, which makes me happy.
  • Tennis, ladies and gentlemen, is back. And I've only just got over two weeks of referring to it as RG, and not meaning me. Thankfully, Wimbledon can not be shortened down to anything (SW19 doesn't count). Some people are playing today, which probably doesn't help you at all, but I think a certain World number 1 will be on the main stage.
  • You know what, I love these Mark Webber videos that Sidepodcast helpfully releases as podcasts before each race weekend, oh, if there was only one place where they could be kept in a organised, clean way. Oh look, Mr C has revamped the video section of the site which now allows for easier access and in short, a very nice little page. Do check it out.

And there we have it, another (summery) Monday arrives. Just time to mention that our very own Jon Waldock was seen on, oh yes, Question Time! (Middle row, right on the end). Just fantastic, last time I was on TV was with Shay Given after the late Sir Bobby Robson got sacked from Newcastle United (Don't worry, I was only in the background).

Have a nice Monday (because September is too far away)

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