Daily: 21st February 2011

21 February, 2011 at 00:40 (GMT)


Jim: Goooooooooooooood morning, afternoon or evening wherever you are, you are listening to Radio DailyPost, your only place to listen for everything that happens on today, Monday 21st February 2011.

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Jim: Of course our big story is coming from Bahrain, and our correspondent in the Middle East is as ever Allan MacKay. Allan, what is the latest regarding the Grand Prix?

Allan: [On crackly telephone] Well, Jim. All I can say right now is it is looking unlikely as if a race will be held in Bahrain in 2011. The likes of Mark Webber have spoken against it, and a decision on the test will be made today.

Jim: What is the situation like?

Allan: Well Jim, it is chaos. The protesters are going to target the race, and that puts the Crown Prince on the back foot, and at the moment it looks like he wants the race over his people.

Jim: Allan, as ever, thank you, we will bring you more as we get it.

Allan: Any time Jim.

Jim: Now Danielle Lawrence with the rest of the main news.

Danielle: Thank you Jim. Nico Rosberg has come out on top of the third day of testing at Barcelona. He was quicker than both Vitaly Petrov and Lewis Hamilton who were second and third respectively. Giorgio Mondini, who drove the Hispania today, was notably two seconds quicker than Narain Karthikeyan. Mondini is seemingly in battle with Vitantonio Luizzi regarding the last Hispania seat. Jarno Trulli has also spoken out that he is happy with the Team Lotus car. And that is all in F1 today, Jim.

Jim: Cheers Danielle, so, did you watch the NASCAR last night?

Danielle: As a matter of fact I did, a bit of a let down really. But great result.

Jim: It was indeed, and to talk about it we have our Other Motorsports correspondent Larry Stanley, Larry, how do you describe Daytona right now?

Larry: Pretty dead man.

Jim: Well, not now, but the general buzz at the finish.

Larry: Oh, everyone was on the moon man, it was wheel to wheel racing, big crashes, big moves, big names fall and a big new star.

Jim: Lets talk more about him, did you catch up to him after the race?

Larry: No we did not.

Jim: Uhm. Did you talk to anyone?

Larry: Nope.

Jim: Ehh, thank you Larry for some, insightful information, about this years Daytona 500. Now in the Studio we have our good friends who talks and parties with the comments, Jesse Syme, Jesse, hello again.

Jesse: Oh thank you, you look great.

Jim: Yes, the radio can see that can't they. So what's big in the comments today?

Jesse: Jim, its been massive, the phones have just not stopped ringing because theres a little child on our way courtesy of the lovable Alex and Kat. It is just great news.

Jim: Wonderful.

Jesse: Oh yes, we've seen the big names come out and congratulate them, its been an overwhelming reception. Everyone is happy for them. And that is really it for today.

Jim: Good stuff Jesse, more next week from that guy. Now we head to our Other Sport correspondent Massimo Mazzi.

Massimo: OK. FA Cup week, Crawley lost, Leyton Orient drew, Notts County lost. Cricket World Cup start, who cares about this, I mean come on. Eh anyway, Kenya and Canada were no contest. In Italy land of the greats, Ranieri sacked. Sport for you.

Jim: Thank you Massimo, nice to see your enthusiasm is still there.

Massimo: My enthusiasm does not need to be shown on radio.

Jim: Well it does help for better radio.

Massimo: I think you are talking...

Jim: Massimo there, now time for travel with Anna Olsen...

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