Daily: 21st February 2010

21 February, 2010 at 00:01 (GMT)

By Christine Blachford

Sunday has arrived, and with it brings a live show... but not from us. Giggles Radio is scheduled to begin at 4pm today, so I hope you will join Alex as he brings us some excellent music with added chatter to go with it. Meanwhile, here are some of the things we're keeping an eye on:

  • Mr C has been making some more tweaks, this time the Sidepodcast Feed. If you subscribe to keep up with the blog posts, you should know find an added bit at the bottom of each entry so you can check the ratings, click through to comments and find related posts directly from your chosen feed reader.
  • If you've been struggling to keep up with everything from testing in Jerez, then F1 Minute is here for you! Yesterday I posted a special episode to catch up with the final day, but there is 60 second coverage for each day of testing, including who was fastest, who was slowest, weather updates, and of course, who was causing all the red flags.
  • It was a day of guest posts yesterday as firstly Lewis discussed two separate events at Silverstone and how they compare and contrast, and then Lukeh told us why he's looking forward to the upcoming season and why we should too. It's a great insight into the mind of a Rubens fan, obviously, but there is also plenty of optimism to go round.

That should do it for now. We should have a podcast along either later today or some time tomorrow, and as ever, I will see you in the comments.

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