Daily: 21st December 2010

21 December, 2010 at 00:51 (GMT)

By amandoloss

Hello and servus! Welcome to my last daily before Christmas and I am glad you have found a few spare minutes to read it. But since the countries in this part of the world are covered in snow and the normal life has been disabled in many ways you do have the time anyway. Unless you are a poor traveler who got stuck at an airport or a bus/train station. But then you can't read this daily anyway due to a lack of internet access. Unless there IS an internet access and you are able to kill the time whith surfing in the web. However if you really were and unlucky traveler who got stuck somewhere between A or B (or B and C) you probably would have searched in the web for some help than ... OK. I shall stop in here before I got stuck in my weired, far from logical, reasoning. :-)

F1 News:

Other news:

So. That will be all for today. Not much really, but the snow & Christmas time/holidays/madness are taking control.

By the way, are you looking forward to Boxing Day? I am. :-)

But it's 5 more days (today doesn't count anymore) and till than I will leave you with some good music from Liverpool. No, I do not mean The Fab Four, I mean Ronny Tour. He's quite unknown, but this will change rapidly, I am telling you! He was touring through Germany recently and on stage he is ... fab, genuinely fab. Like a true Liverpool musician should be. It's the tradition, you know. ;-) Ronny is an Everton fan, but nevermind this I love his music. Just like you will very soon, too. Just do not wait any longer and buy it here.

And have a great day either with Ronny's music or not (but better with) and take care! The white enemy is still out there! ;-)

P.S. Since I mentioned Everton FC ... did you know their away kit is PINK?? ;-D Oh, crap ... they are winning 0:2!! However, pink is pink. Full stop.