Daily: 21st August 2011

21 August, 2011 at 00:09 (GMT+01:00)

By Lou

Hello everyone, what a lovely day it is today. Don’t you think? Not only is there plenty of racing on today, but in less than a weeks time F1 is back! Surely that’s something to celebrate. This time last year I was looking forward to going to the wonderful Spa Francorchamps circuit, and now I’m busy preparing to go to another great track – Britain’s very own Silverstone! If anyone else is heading there for a spot of World Series by Renault action look out for me, and any sidepodcast stickers. Do come over and say hi if you spot me.

On with some links for you all then, firstly it doesn’t seem right to move on with a new daily without mentioning Stuart’s epic questionnaire of a post yesterday. Please remember to check it out, and once you’ve come up with your answers send them to stuart at chainbear dot com.

Lukeh has some great posts for us to check out too. A post on muse, and a post on F1 and the BBC. Do take a look, they’re fascinating reads.

Rob Smedley was on the radio yesterday, if you missed it check Christine’s post for some of the gossip you missed and his and Lucy’s amazing work for charity.

Oh and look out for a possible ‘PING’ in the next few days as Mr and Mrs C recorded a brand new debrief yesterday.

Lets move on to some fun and interesting links then;

• Cute animal photos are the best. Squirrels are adorable, really they are.

• Typography is cool. It just is.

• Planning a trip to Stuttgart any time soon? If so it may be worth visiting the rather beautiful looking Porsche museum. Wow!

• If you’ve ever watched the film Man on Wire, you’ll be aware of the beauty of Tightrope artists. If, like me, it fascinates you, take a look at this short video on more fearless people walking on a rope meters above the ground.

Last week I introduced you all to a rather fun musical game, and well, it just so happens I’ve found another one for you. Build a street system, add plants, houses and lights. Place your cars down and hit play! It’s great!

That’s just about it from me for this daily, I hope you all have a lovely day!

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