Daily: 20th May 2011

20 May, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Lukeh

Sidepodcast F1: Pie charts are cool.

Credit: Microsoft Excel...?

Pie charts are cool.

It's that Friday feeling once more and I'm here to guide you through another day to end a week that leads to more Formula 1 action, woohoo! It's always ridiculously exciting going into an F1 weekend even if this weekend's race is at the boredrome that is Catalunya... BUT! Positivity is the name of the game and I remain positive it'll be good. Remember to check out Christine's always brilliantly complied list of race information including the times for Free Practise 1 and 2 taking place today!

Paddock News

Michael V2.0 - Ferrari announced yesterday that since they have finally found love, announcing a long term relationship with Fernando Alonso after the break up of their former lover Michael Schumacher. They've finally moved on in Maranello, and looked deep into the eyebrows of Anando as he announced he was staying on with the team until 2016. 2016!! That's about 17 years away that is. But what about Felipe baby? Who knows... and whilst I mention Michael, it turns out he's going to bounce back again apparently. Ross keeps saying he's going to bounce back. Is Michael Schumacher made of rubber or something? No one should bounce that much, he always seems to be bouncing back.

They should rename themselves to Ambition Lotus.... Lotus - Well, you can't fault Mike Gascoyne for being an ambitious chap. He's saying that the latest Lotus updates for Spain that are coming for the car will pull them up into a midfield team which should be interesting. Don't get me wrong, Lotus have seemed stronger than 2010 without a doubt but they still seem to be disappointingly tailing behind so maybe it'll be nice to see it work. A midfield team though? They're about as midfield as Fabien Barthez was. Oooh, a football reference.


Is it legal for podcasts to contain so much awesome?! - Here's something you've totally got to check out at some point when you have 25 free minutes. A few weeks back there was a Sidepodchat posted here on the site with Steve Lovell who was asking the questions instead but now you can finally hear the final product with questions also directed at Andy Meyrick and David Croft as well as our lovely Sidepodcast hosts. It's a fascinating listen with some really good opinions from various parts of the motorsport rainbow.

28 Days? No, no, 30 Days Later... - I've finally finished my 30 Day Song Challenge, woohoo! It only took 30 days you know. Who'd have thunk it? But I wanted to share this with you anyways as it's been a fun month sharing a few music tastes from the past and present. I'm thinking of starting a film one soon because I really enjoyed it, although remember you can now see Christine's 30 Day Song Challenge up and running on her blog now! More people should do their own!

Retro Cartridge Awesomeness! - I really love these, such a cool idea. How about combining these fantabulous hollywood and big TV famous things with old school gaming adverts and posters for the cartridges back in the day? Ahhh, you don't get stuff like this anymore. I particularly like the Lost one with it's little nod towards the point and click adventures of yesteryear such as the Monkey Island games. Which leads me nicely onto...

The life and adventures of a gaming legend - ...this brilliant video looking at the career of the genius Tim Schafer hosted by a certain Tim Schafer. The guy is one of those chaps that I really look up to with his achievements and his genius ideas for games in the past (just watch the video to see for yourself) and I just loved the video. It is about 20 minutes long but it's a good look at how he managed to go from George Lucas' ranch to owning a multi million dollar studio with a solid reputation. Plus, he is a genius. Have I mentioned that? He's a genius.

*implodes from being unable to handle the awesome* - How on earth can I have a paragraph justifying the amazingness of that link? Last week Roger Waters took his tour of The Wall to the O2 Arena in London and a certain Mr David Gilmour popped up during Comfortably Numb to perform with Roger, as well as later on that evening Nick Mason getting involved. Pink Floyd on stage for like, the second time in nearly 30 years or so!! Just absolutely immense and now Waters has released an official video of the Comfortably Numb performance. The only way it could be even more perfect is if Richard Wright was still with us to join in.

And Finally

I'm making a note here, Huge Success... - This would be so cool to make but I could never get it done I reckon. You probably know how much I heart Portal 2 and all it's gaming brilliance but someone has made a Lego version of the cute turrets from the Portal games and shown how to make it yourself. It's so cool and alarmingly accurate! I'd love to have a Lego Turret in my room... "Are you still there..?"

Footballer, buses and trophies seem to make a bad mix - How has this happened again?! This time the trophy fell off the bus from Ajax goalkeeper Martin Stekelelebekelebeeburg. Goalkeeper. Dropped the trophy. A man who's job it is to use his hands as his main form of playing football. Deary me!

He's real but he's not real, damnit! - I wanted to quickly throw this video in too, another gaming thing and I apologise for an excess of videogame links in today's daily but you have got to see the technology for Rockstar Games' new big title LA Noire out today in Europe. It is actually staggering and I can't wait to get my grubby mits on it. Just a mindblowing video on just how far games are getting now.

That's that for this week. It's been a long thursday to write this on and sleep is needed buTomorrow Pat, Mr C and myself are heading to Cardiff to see the Manic Street Preachers which should be totally awesome. Very excited! But for today let's have a good day in the comments with plenty of F1 to talk about and hopefully good weather outside as we approach the end of the week. Lovely! It's only fitting with the Manics gig that I close with my favourite Manics song in acoustic form...

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