Daily: 20th March 2011

20 March, 2011 at 03:07 (GMT)

By Lou

Hey all! Guess what? You’ll never believe what I have to tell you…


Oh my goodness!! Are you excited? (I am, but as you can see I’m containing it well). A little bit of F1 news for you then, Pirelli have come up with a colour co ordinated system for their tyres so we can see which compounds are being used. Well it’s certainly a different idea, whether it’s a good one or not.. only time will tell as they say!

While the F1 personal are busy preparing for and flying to Australia for the start of the season, it’s non stop work at Sidepodcast Towers too! Mr and Mrs C have been working hard to provide coverage for a number of events. First there was Red Nose Day on Friday, then on Saturday we live commented Sebring AND Live Crushed Ice, for a while both simultaneously. Thank you Mr and Mrs C for all the work you’ve done this weekend, but of course the work you always do for us. It really is appreciated. I can think of only one way to thank you.

Moving away from motorsports, I think Nekama the baby leopard may well be one of the cutest baby animals ever!

However, Antares the baby Siberian tiger does come close. How adorable!! I totally want one!

So, as is normal for my daily posts lets take a look at some interesting pieces of artwork, and inventions I’ve found this week;

• How about starting with a mega bridge? When I say mega, I mean amazing! The proposed Paik Nam June Media Bridge would not only serve as a bridge but also act as a park, museum, shopping centre and much more! Plus it’ll be covered in solar panels so will be able to generate it’s own energy. How cool!

• Everyone wants a pirate ship for a bedroom once in their life, even for a second. Well someone has actually made his bedroom into a ship!

• Here is a link just for dog owners, how about putting your dog in an epic dog house? I hear some of you say you don’t have a dog… but that’s okay because these dog houses may tempt you to buy one. I know I’m tempted! I wonder what they do for cats?

• Seeing as last week people seemed to like the photos of little a little model world, how about some of these latest shots (not by Slinkachu like last week) of some which make use of the much loved Apple Iphone.

• If you’ve ever considered trying your hand at street photography, make sure you check out these amazing shots first. Very beautifully done.

• Oh and on the other scale of photography, here is a sneak peak into the behind the scenes of some rather much larger shoots.

Also, if you’re bored at any point today, how about making some lovely colourful cupcakes?

Look out for a guest post on our trip to Mercedes Benz World yesterday. Lukeh and I headed to the Surrey attraction yesterday afternoon and had a great time! We’ll fill you in with the details the moment we can!

I also bring the very sad news that Knut the Polar Bear has died. RIP Knut.

Podcast of the Week

I have more sad news I’m afraid everyone, today is the last podcast of the week. I promised I would try to keep you occupied during the off season and this being the last Sunday before the racing starts again means that this is the final look back at podcasts from the past for a while.

To mark the occasion I wanted to feature a rather special show. I thought for a while before the answer was clear. Could the week before the start of the season be seen as a sort of Parade lap? Well in my eyes it can! So I’ve chosen a brilliant example the best race build up you can get.

I wont spoil it for you, I’ll let you all see for yourself how awesome it can be live streaming the making of cupcakes!

I’ll leave you with these rather inspirational words.

See you next week!

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