Daily: 20th July 2011

20 July, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Littlepurplegoth

Another Wednesday is here.

I have to say I like Wednesdays - mainly on account of them being sort of midweek, but also because they are one of the few days I don't have to run the teen somewhere, and because they are the day before bin day and I like to see how we mainly have pink bags outside when most of the street is black bags all the way…(redface)

Then there is the new reason to like today… the day I can find the US broadcast of Torchwood…. and the day before we get it here :-)

Of course the other reason I like Wednesdays, and this Wednesday in particular, is because tomorrow is Thursday, and that means practise! Who will spin, who will crash, will it be wet or dry or just damp enough to show up any moss on the track? Oh, I'm a happy soul (cough) This week practise is in Germany… But then you'll all talk about that tomorrow, and I wouldn't want to jump the gun.

What I do want to muse on is food. Specifically the food you like to eat in front of the race (as opposed to the Food Race). So far I gather that Breakfast, and especially Bacon and Eggs and Sausages, washed down with hot/cold beverage of choice, is the main option. Although whether that is by accident, or simply because some on you (you know who you are) don't bother to get up until just before the race at the weekend. Hmmmm?

In this house we have been known to eat nachos, but usually its whatever is to hand (scones, jam, cream, crisps, cheesy chips….) Oh and RBMs… I suppose you'd like a link to those? Only if you promise to at least attempt to bake them. And eat them on Sunday? There you go. You might want to listen to this again as well…

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